Client Accused of Leaving Toddler at Home with the Oven On to Make Fast Food Run


At midnight, our Client left his 2-year old daughter home alone with the oven on at 450 degrees. The Client left the child alone todrive to a fast food restaurant. In route, the Police pulled the Client over for driving without headlights. The Police arrested and charged the Client with DUI. The Police went to the Client’s home and found his 2-year old, sleeping daughter with lasagna boiling over inside the 450 degree stove. The State also charged the Client with Child Neglect.

RESULT: The Defense Attorney brought the case before trial. The Attorney proved the Client had full ability to control his vehicle and exposed contradictions in Officer testimony. The Attorney also made evident to the Court that the child was found in sleeping, comfortable and in good health. The Court ruled in the Defense’s favor withNO CONVICTION on the charges of DUI and Child Neglect.

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