Defendant Pulled Over for Traffic Violation had Crack Cocaine on his Seat; Arrested on Felony Possession of Cocaine Charge

Felony Possession of Cocaine Charge DISMISSED!

Police initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle that failed to stop at a stop sign. The Driver admitted to Police that he had a work purposes only restricted driver’s license. The Driver violated the restriction by driving his girlfriend around town. The Officer went to issue a ticket for the driver’s license violation and a warning for running a stop sign when he noticed a chalky white substance on the seat of the vehicle. The consistency of the substance looked similar to crack cocaine. The substance tested positive for cocaine and the Officer arrested the Defendant on Felony Possession of Cocaine charges.

RESULT: The Defense Attorney requested a jury trial on the felony charges against the Client. The Defense set depositions and requested discovery from the State. The Defense convinced the Prosecutor that the State would not secure a conviction. The Prosecution DISMISSED the case against the Client.

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