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Hollywood Criminal Defense

If you have been arrested in Hollywood, it is important that you seek the guidance of a skilled attorney who will fight for your best interests. You could be facing several serious penalties including incarceration, heavy fines, strict probation requirements, loss of professional license, driver’s license suspension, and community service. The severity of the consequences you will face depend on the circumstances of your case. However, all criminal charges must be taken seriously.

The Hollywood criminal defense team at Musca Law has years of experience handling cases in Broward County. We are known for aggressively fighting criminal charges and helping our clients build a solid defense strategy. We know how to fight serious charges and how to negotiate for reduced penalties. At Musca Law, our criminal defense lawyers handle all state and federal crimes, felonies and misdemeanors, including, but not limited to, DUI, traffic offenses, sex crimes, domestic violence, violent crimes, drug crimes, theft crimes and federal crimes.

Information about Hollywood

The city of Hollywood is a beachfront community that is midway between Miami and Fort Lauderdale. It covers approximately 30 square miles of Broward County and has a population of 140,768, according to the 2010 U.S. Census. Hollywood is home to over 60 parks, seven golf courses, and the famous Hollywood Beach Broadwalk that stretches along 2.5 miles of the Atlantic Ocean. Hollywood also has a dedicated police force that employs a number of specialized units to fight crime.

Crime in Hollywood

The Hollywood Police Department is a full-service, fully accredited law enforcement agency that vigorously cracks down on all types of crimes. They utilize a K-9 Unit to track down suspects and find narcotics, a Street Crimes Unit consisting of detectives, a Uniformed Patrol Division that responds to calls for service, as well as a Crisis Negotiation Team, a SWAT Team and Dive Team. Local officers take all allegations seriously. If you are under investigation for a crime in Hollywood, the Hollywood Police Department will coordinate their efforts to build a case against you.

Common Mistakes Following an Arrest

There are severe consequences for committing crimes in Hollywood. If you have been arrested, it is important to remember these useful tips:

  • Do not take the situation lightly. You may be under the impression that you will not face jail time because you have a clean record or because you are innocent. The prosecution will build a case against you and they could pursue the harshest penalties possible.
  • Do not speak with the authorities. Once you have been arrested, everything you say can and will be used against you. Therefore, even engaging in casual conversation with an officer, can prove detrimental to your case.
  • Do not face the charges alone. Perhaps you are facing misdemeanor charges and you feel as if you do not need a defense attorney by your side. Many misdemeanor convictions can result in up to a year of incarceration and the creation of a criminal record. Make sure that you have a knowledgeable professional who is dedicated to guiding you through the legal proceedings.
  • Do not accept a deal without discussing your options. There are a number of alternative sentencing options available in Broward County that can allow you to keep your conviction off your record. You may even be able to avoid jail time.

Get a Free Case Evaluation

At Musca Law, we provide no-cost, no-obligation consultations to anyone facing criminal charges in Hollywood. Our Hollywood criminal defense attorneys will protect your rights while guiding you through a complex legal system. Please call our offices before discussing your case with the authorities.

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