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If you have a court date in Flagler County, you will likely require quality legal representation from a skilled Flagler County criminal defense attorney. You may be facing more severe penalties than you realize. For example, possessing even a small amount of marijuana can result in a one-year jail sentence. Shoplifting over $100 worth of merchandise from an area store can result in a one-year jail sentence as well. If you have been accused of a crime in Flagler County, it is important that you know and understand your legal rights.

DUI Defenses

If you or a loved one has been arrested for drunk driving in Flagler County, it is crucial that you contact a criminal defense lawyer right away. A dedicated DUI defense attorney will review the details of the arrest to determine if the arresting officer made any mistakes or violated any procedures during the traffic stop. When was the motorist notified of his or her rights? Were field sobriety tests given on a flat and even surface? When was the Breathalyzer last calibrated? Who was in charge of handling the lab results? There are serious penalties for drunk driving and a reputable DUI attorney will be able to provide advice regarding whether to fight the charges or to negotiate for lesser penalties.

Theft Defense

If you have been charged with theft, shoplifting, stealing, or unlawful taking, you may be looking at serious jail time. An experienced attorney will examine the facts and circumstances of the case. Did the incident involve a simple mistake? Did you truly intend to take the items without paying for them? It is understandable for businesses to protect their best interests, but it is all too common for a misunderstanding to result in unnecessarily harsh charges and penalties.

Flagler County theft defense attorney will review if it is possible for the defendant to avoid the creation of a criminal record or other harsh punishments such as jail time. In some cases, restitution may be all that is needed. In other cases, there may be alternative sentencing options available for the defendant so that he or she can avoid jail time.

White-Collar Defense

Professionals who are charged with committing a crime at work will need an attorney to not only fight the charges but also fight for their reputation. Individuals convicted of fraud or embezzlement often struggle to maintain their jobs or to seek employment in the future. A white-collar crime conviction or even an allegation could taint the reputation of a professional.

Juvenile Defense

The juvenile system in Florida is different from the adult court system, but that does not mean that young people will not face serious consequences for their actions. It is possible for a juvenile to have his or her reputation marred by a conviction and for the charges to create problems in their lives as adults. Although serious, an arrest that shakes the life of a juvenile doesn’t have to ruin it.

Protect your Future

Regardless of the criminal charges you are facing, the experienced Flagler County criminal defense attorneys at Musca Law can help protect your legal rights and explore your options. It may be in your best interest to contact a lawyer who has thorough knowledge of criminal law and experience defending the rights of those facing serious penalties. Please contact Musca Law today for a no-cost consultation.

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