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Facing any type of criminal charges in Gadsden County can be a stressful and frightening experience. Judges and prosecutors come down hard on all types of crimes – regardless of whether it is a petty theft or a sex crime. If you have been charged with a crime, you are looking at potential jail time, hefty fines, and the creation of a criminal record. You need a skilled Gadsden County criminal defense lawyer on your side – an attorney who will aggressively fight the charges and help you avoid unnecessarily harsh penalties.

Penalties for Drug Convictions

Drug charges in Florida typically fall into three categories: drug possession, drug dealing, and drug trafficking. Even individuals facing simple possession charges in Florida face jail sentences. For example, possessing less than 20 grams of marijuana is a misdemeanor punishable by a year of incarceration and a $1,000 fine. That crime becomes a felony punishable by five years of incarceration and a $5,000 fine if the amount of marijuana seized is over 20 grams.

There are many questions that must be asked in a drug case. Were the drugs visible during a traffic stop or did the arresting officer conduct an unlawful search? Did the arrest involve entrapment by an undercover officer? How was it determined that the defendant had intentions of selling the drugs? At which point during the arrest was the defendant informed of his or her rights?

Individuals who sell or transport drugs can expect to face significant penalties. A dedicated Gadsden County drug crime defense attorney will fight to have the charges reduced depending on the circumstances of the case. It is often possible to avoid jail time in drug cases involving possession by requesting alternative sentencing such as participation in a drug rehabilitation program. If it is determined that the arresting officer violated procedures or the defendant’s rights, the evidence and the case can get thrown out.

Defense for Serious Crimes

Drug charges are not the only reason why you may need a reliable Gadsden County criminal defense lawyer on your side:

  • DUI Charges: DUI offenders face several serious consequences including a possible lengthy license revocation, jail time, heavy fines, community service, alcohol abuse classes, and the installation of an interlock device. A knowledgeable DUI defense attorney will review the circumstances of the arrest to determine if it is wise to aggressively fight the charges or to negotiate for reduced penalties.
  • Juvenile Charges: Criminal charges can change the course of a young person’s life. A knowledgeable juvenile crime defense lawyer will do everything possible to prevent the case from going to adult court and help the young defendant get that valuable second chance. Jail or prison is not always the answer in cases involving youth. A lawyer will also explore alternative sentencing options to prevent detention or jail time.
  • Theft Charges: Individuals charged with petty theft or grand theft also face severe penalties including jail time and restitution. A theft charge on an individual’s criminal record can have significant personal and professional consequences as well.
  • Sex Crimes: Penalties for lewd behavior and other serious sex charges carry heavy penalties including required registration as a sex offender. Anyone facing sex charges in Gadsden County will require an experienced criminal defense attorney who will aggressively fight these serious charges.

Effective Defense Strategies to Protect Your Rights

The experienced Gadsden County criminal defense attorneys at Musca Law fight hard to protect the rights of our clients and strive to vigorously defend all charges. We understand that the stakes are high in all criminal cases. If you or a loved one has been accused of a crime, please contact us to discuss your case at absolutely no cost.

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