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Spring Hill Criminal Defense

If you know that you are the subject of scrutiny in a criminal case or even “a person of interest,” it is never too early to contact a skilled Spring Hill criminal defense attorney. The sooner you get a knowledgeable defense lawyer on your side, the better your chances are of fighting the charges. Whether you are facing a traffic ticket or a felony charge, you deserve to have skilled representation throughout the legal proceedings.

The Spring Hill criminal defense team at Musca Law has the experience and knowledge to protect your best interests. At Musca Law, our criminal defense lawyers handle all state and federal crimes, felonies and misdemeanors, including, but not limited to:

  • DUI
  • Traffic offenses
  • Sex crimes
  • Domestic Violence
  • Violent Crimes
  • Drug crimes
  • Theft crimes
  • Federal crimes

Spring Hill Crime Information

Spring Hill is about 35 miles south of Tampa and a part of Florida’s Nature Coast. What began as a planned community in 1967 has grown into a large, thriving city with a quiet suburban feel. According to the 2010 U.S. Census, the population of Spring Hill is 98,621. Many move here for the beautiful parks, beaches and the low crime rates.

According to, Spring Hill has approximately 332 violent crimes and 3,181 property crimes each year. There are about 39.6 crimes per square mile in Spring Hill, which is below the 74 crimes per square mile reported statewide. It is important to recognize, however, that Spring Hill does have a crime rate that is considerably higher than the national average.

In addition to the Hernando County Sheriff’s Department, other police forces are involved in law enforcement actions in Spring Hill. According to local media reports, 14 people were arrested in a recent sex sting operation conducted by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. An 18-year-old Spring Hill man was arrested after allegedly showing up to a location with the intention of having sex with a minor. If convicted, this local teenager could face years of incarceration and mandatory lifetime registration as a sex offender.

Consequences of a Conviction

All criminal charges must be taken seriously. Many misdemeanor offenses, even nonviolent crimes, can result in up to a year in county jail. A conviction will also typically result in heavy fines, fees and court costs. The creation of a criminal record can impact every aspect of your life. Having a conviction on your record can affect your employment opportunities, your right to vote, your Second Amendment rights and your ability to secure a loan.

Understand Your Options

Regardless of the allegations, you have the right to fight the charges in court. A skilled Spring Hill defense attorney will review the specifics of your case to help you understand the best course of action. In some cases, it is advisable to carefully negotiate for reduced penalties. In other circumstances, it is possible to have evidence dismissed and charges dropped. All options should be considered before making any important legal decisions. If the arresting officers violated the defendants’ rights, then, the charges could get thrown out of court.

Protecting Your Rights

The Spring Hill criminal defense lawyers at Musca Law will provide you with a no-cost initial consultation regarding your legal rights and options. Please call our offices before discussing your case with the authorities. Please remember that the prosecution will use anything you tell officials following your arrest against you.

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