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If you, or a family member, have been charged with a DUI or criminal offense, you want our experienced and aggressive defense representation on your side. Your freedom is too important to trust to inexperienced lawyers.

Every day in Holmes County & Bonifay, Florida, people are arrested and charged with committing criminal offenses. Although certain crimes are more common than others, they all warrant representation from a skilled and experienced lawyer. No matter what your specific charges may be, you need to speak with a Holmes County criminal defense lawyer right away. Having an attorney to turn to for advice and guidance will be very important to your case and will give you a much better chance of overcoming your charges, whatever they may be.

Oftentimes, Holmes County residents discover they are under investigation for a crime, but do not consult an attorney. They wait for formal charges to be filed against them before they ever call a lawyer for help. This is a mistake that many people make, and one that sadly contributes to the failure of a case. At Musca Law, we have seen firsthand the importance of having a Bonifay criminal defense attorney early into a case, and we urge you to schedule a consultation with a lawyer at our firm as soon as you can if you want to beat your charges.

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A skilled and experienced Holmes County defense attorney can help you with many different types of criminal charges, including those involving:

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