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An experienced Indian River County criminal defense attorney can review the circumstances of a case to determine if law enforcement officers made any mistakes during or after the arrest. It is the job of a defense attorney to also help the defendant avoid making mistakes that will hurt his or her case. Criminal convictions are usually life changing, so, it is crucial to carefully review every detail of the case so the best possible outcome can be achieved.

Potential Mistakes During Arrests

It is important to review the circumstances of an arrest, because it is possible that the rights of the defendant were violated. In such cases, pieces of evidence or, sometimes, even the entire case may be dismissed. Depending on the type of crime involved, a skilled Indian River County defense attorney may ask a number of questions:

  • What reason did the officer have for stopping the vehicle or approaching the suspect in the first place?
  • If drugs were seized, did the defendant approve the search? Was there a search warrant?
  • Did the arrest result from a field sobriety test performed on an uneven surface?
  • When was the Breathalyzer last calibrated?
  • At what point was the defendant notified of his or her rights?
  • Was the suspect tricked into committing a crime through entrapment?
  • Did the officer have probable cause to make the arrest?

Mistakes Made by Defendants

The legal process can be convoluted and sometimes difficult to understand. It is common for individuals to make mistakes after their arrest that could complicate their case. Here are a few examples.

  • Admitting fault during the arrest: The arrestee may say something incriminating that can and will be used against him or her during the trial. Instead of chatting about the situation with the arresting officer, exercise your right to remain silent. By all means, be cooperative and provide basic information such as your identification and contact information. Do not act hostile or get argumentative with the officer.
  • Speaking to officers without an attorney present: Even if you are just having a casual conversation with an officer, you have to be careful about what you say. Once you are read your rights, what you say can hurt your case.
  • Obtaining an attorney based on fee alone: You often get what you pay for when it comes to legal representation. Your future is too important to put in the hands of an inexperienced attorney who is fresh out of law school or is unfamiliar with local courts.
  • Taking the prosecutor’s first offer: The first offer you may receive will likely result from an attempt to make your case go away with the least amount of effort. Before accepting an offer that may not be in your best interest, speak with an attorney.

Protecting Your Rights

If you are under investigation or if you have been arrested in Indian River County, protect your rights by calling an experienced criminal defense attorney before discussing your case with the authorities. The knowledgeable Indian River County criminal defense attorneys at Musca Law have a long and successful track record of getting acquittals and charges reduced. Our goal is to keep our clients out of jail and help protect their reputation and future. Please call us if you are facing criminal charges.

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