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Having a conviction on your record can have long-term effects. Many employers who run background checks refuse to hire individuals with a criminal record. Banks often hesitate to give out loans to individuals with convictions on their record. There are a number of reasons why having a record sealed or expunged can give an individual that valuable second chance in life. Florida law allows for an arrest record to be cleaned up through record expungement or record sealing. However, not everyone is eligible to have his or her record expunged or sealed. A skilled Jackson County criminal defense lawyer can review the circumstances of your situation to help you understand if and when you may be eligible to have your record sealed or expunged.

Sealing Your Record

Sealing a Florida criminal record will close it to the public. Most employers cannot obtain a sealed criminal record. Some government entities, however, will have access to the entire record. In some cases, a judge could order a criminal record to be unsealed, but that is rare. In general, sealing a record is a good way to protect the rights and reputation of a qualified individual.

Expunging Your Record

A skilled criminal defense lawyer can help you expunge your record. Expunging a record is a more powerful limit than sealing a record. When a record is expunged, agencies that would have access to a sealed record will be able to know that criminal information has been expunged from the record, and would only have access to the record through a court order. Without a court order, they will simply see a statement that says that the criminal information has been expunged. Individuals can have their case expunged if the charges were dismissed, the defendant was found not guilty or if the defendant was not prosecuted by the State Attorney’s Office.

Securing Quality Legal Representation

As soon as you are arrested, you should contact a knowledgeable Jackson County criminal defense attorney. Once you have been through the court system, you will have a criminal record. It may already be possible to initiate the seal or expungement process. Unfortunately, clearing your name can be quite complicated. Individuals seeking expungement will need to secure a certified copy of the disposition and an expungement application. There are different ways to go about requesting approval and a skilled Jackson County defense lawyer can help you through every step of the process.

There are many reasons why individuals facing a court date in Marianna should hire an experienced Jackson County criminal defense lawyer. It is important to note that every case, every defendant and every criminal prosecution is different. The lawyer you choose to represent you can have a significant impact on the outcome of your case. You need a lawyer who provides quality legal representation to all clients.

If you or a loved one has been accused of a crime in Jackson County, the experienced criminal defense attorneys at Musca Law can help defend the charges and work toward the best possible outcome. Please contact us for a free consultation.

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