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Kissimmee Criminal Defense

If you have been arrested or charged with a crime for the first time, you may not fully understand the penalties and consequences you are facing. Even misdemeanor offenses can result in up to a year of jail. If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, please contact an experienced Kissimmee criminal defense attorney who will protect your legal rights and best interests.

Being charged with a crime can be very stressful and frightening. Having an experienced Kissimmee criminal defense attorney on your side can greatly reduce the emotional, financial and legal challenges that can result from being charged with committing a crime. At Musca Law, our criminal defense lawyers handle all state and federal crimes, felonies and misdemeanors, including, but not limited to:

Kissimmee Crime Information

According to the 2010 U.S. Census, the population of Kissimmee is 59,682. It is the seat of Osceola County and a popular vacation spot given its beauty and proximity to Orlando. Kissimmee has, however, a relatively high number of annual crimes. reports that approximately 593 violent and 3,364 property crimes occur in Kissimmee each year. That means for every 1,000 residents, there are 9.67 violent crimes and 54.84 property crimes. Each year, there are approximately three murders, 24 rapes, 118 robberies, 448 assaults, 870 burglaries, 2,332 thefts and 162 motor vehicle thefts in Kissimmee.

Kissimmee Crime Prevention Efforts

Kissimmee has a police force, but the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office works in and around the city as well. Their crime prevention efforts can result in dozens of arrests at a time. According to a news report in Around Osceola, over a two-day period in March of 2013, local officers made 87 arrests and handed out 326 citations. The narcotics enforcement team, criminal investigations department and the community response teams worked together to make arrests for a wide range of offenses including drunk driving, drug possession, robberies and aggressive driving citations. They followed up that effort by conducting a number of DUI sobriety checkpoints throughout Osceola County the following week.

If you Have Been Arrested

Immediately after being arrested, it is absolutely vital to your case that you request to speak with an attorney and politely decline to answer any questions until a lawyer is by your side. Everything you tell law enforcement officers after your arrest can and will be used against you in court.

Before making a decision

The authorities may try to coax information out of you or put you in high-pressure situations. It is important that you have a skilled Kissimmee defense attorney review your case before you make any legal decisions. Your defense lawyer will:

• Review the police reports, interview the parties involved and speak with anyone who may have witnessed the alleged incident.
• Expose any problems in the case against you. It may be possible to have evidence dismissed and charges dropped. Sometimes, early intervention may even prevent the charges from getting filed.
• Investigate how evidence was seized and if your rights were violated.
• Conduct a complete pre-trial investigation.
• Retain a private investigator, medical professional, ballistics expert or any other specialist who may help strengthen your case.
• Negotiate with prosecutors to make sure you will face the minimum possible penalties.

Protecting Your Future

The criminal defense attorneys at Musca Law understand that being arrested and charged with a crime can have long-term consequences. The stakes are extremely high. We will aggressively defend your rights and help you understand the charges you face. Please contact our offices today to schedule your free, comprehensive and confidential consultation.

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