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Jupiter Criminal Defense

Given the frequency and the efficiency with which local law enforcement officials tackle crime, it is possible for an individual to be facing criminal charges in Jupiter. Officials regularly crack down on drunk driving, drug use, theft, violent crimes and sex crimes. If you have been arrested on any of these types of charges, you will need a skilled Jupiter criminal defense attorney who will help you protect your future.

When you select an attorney to represent you, it is crucial to ensure that he or she has a recent history handling cases similar to yours. Not all attorneys have a proven track record of handling all types of crimes. You need a lawyer with a high success rate who has working experience dealing with local law enforcement officers, prosecutors and judges. At Musca Law, our criminal defense lawyers handle all state and federal crimes, felonies and misdemeanors, including, but not limited to:

Jupiter Crime Information

Jupiter is one of the northernmost suburbs in the Miami metropolitan area. It is home to the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse, which was completed back in 1860. The town has grown from a pioneer village into what is now considered a bedroom community. Jupiter is perhaps best known for its beautiful waterways and water-related activities. According to the 2010 U.S. Census, the population of Jupiter is 55,156.

The Jupiter Police Department is internationally accredited. It employs 109 sworn officers and 25 civilian support staff personnel. According to the Jupiter Police Department’s Police Activity Report, there were 54,813 calls for service in the year 2012. The local police force made 10,697 traffic stops, issued 7,089 citations, made 134 DUI arrests and made 1,258 arrests. Of the arrests made in the month of December in 2012, 35 were for felonies, 66 were for misdemeanors and 14 were drug related.

Drug Busts in Jupiter

If the Jupiter Police Department suspects that you have controlled dangerous substances in your possession, they will obtain a warrant and inspect your home. According to local media reports, a 26-year-old Jupiter man was arrested recently after a SWAT team made forced entry into his home. The man was arrested at his Jupiter townhouse after undercover officers said they purchased two crack rocks from him. Police then obtained a warrant and broke into his home when he allegedly tried to lock them out. They seized marijuana, drug paraphernalia, guns, and amphetamines, news reports state.

Penalties for Criminal Convictions

Criminal convictions in Jupiter typically lead to jail or prison time. A conviction can also result in prohibitive fines as well as affect your personal and professional life. Even a first-time DUI conviction can result in substantial fines, community service, alcohol treatment and license suspensions. It is common for prosecutors to pursue the most severe punishments possible. You need an attorney who will review your case thoroughly and equip you with the information necessary to help make the critical decisions for the best possible result.

Getting the Support You Need

Facing criminal charges can be unnerving regardless of whether you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges. You do not have to fight the charges alone. When you retain the skilled criminal defense attorneys at Musca Law, you can rest assured that your case is getting the attention it deserves. We assemble the best team of experts, investigators and researchers to prepare the best defense for you and secure the most favorable outcome.

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