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If you, or a family member, have been charged with a DUI or criminal offense, you want our experienced and aggressive defense representation on your side. Your freedom is too important to trust to inexperienced lawyers.

With over 100 years of collective legal experience and a thorough dedication to providing exceptional legal service, the attorneys at Musca Law are able to secure outstanding results in a variety of types of criminal cases. While particular case results will vary depending upon the unique case, some of the types of cases we have handled include: theft crimesDUIdrug crimessex crimesviolent crimes,white collar crimesjuvenile crimes and much more. A Polk County criminal defense lawyer at our firm can meet with you during your free initial consultation to discuss your legal matter with you and how we can assist you.

It may not matter that the prosecution has physical evidence that ties you to the scene. It may not matter that there is a witness willing to testify against you. By working with an experienced Polk County criminal defense attorney you have the opportunity to fight back. Your attorney can conduct an independent investigation to determine whether there is evidence in your favor, can work with experts in specific fields to prove where law enforcement or the prosecution may be wrong, and can examine and cross-examine witnesses in order to question the validity of the prosecutions case or to strengthen your defense. All in all, every action that your Polk County criminal defense lawyer takes will be to forward your interests and help you avoid a conviction and therefore serious criminal penalties.

We welcome you to contact a Polk County criminal defense attorney at our firm as soon as possible, as our early intervention can improve the results we are able to achieve.

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