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Aggravated Stalking Defense

Aggravated stalking is an offense which involves stalking another person and making a credible threat to their safety or to the safety of their family members or loved ones. Specifically defined, stalking involves willfully and maliciously harassing or following another person. Harassment in particular means engaging in a course of conduct directed at a particular person that causes the person emotional distress and serves no legitimate purpose. Most often, stalking involves a number of continuous acts committed over a period of time, even a short time period.

The act that separates aggravated stalking from simple stalking is the “credible threat”. Florida Statutes define a credible threat as a threat of bodily injury or death to another person that reasonably causes the person to fear for his or her life.

Defense Lawyers for Aggravated Stalking Cases

Florida criminal defense lawyer at Musca Law may be able to help you if you have been accused of or arrested for aggravated stalking. We understand how serious this offense is and have the knowledge and experience necessary to build a strong defense strategy on your behalf. With the help of an attorney at our firm, you have the chance of fighting your charges and winning. Just because someone accused you of stalking them, this does not mean that you did anything wrong. A defense attorney can review your particular case and then take action to protect your interests no matter the particular circumstances of your case.

Act fast and contact a defense attorney today if you are facing aggravated stalking charges. If you are convicted, you may face up to 5 years in state prison as well as a fine of up to $5,000.

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