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Criminal Defense Miami

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With over 100 years combined experience, the Florida criminal defense lawyers at Musca Law know what you’re going through. Being arrested for a crime is scary – plain and simple. It can also be heavily stressful, time consuming, and overwhelming. Nevertheless, your future and the success of your case significantly rely on the attorney you choose to defend your rights and this decision shouldn’t be made lightly.

The attorneys at Musca Law are focused, driven, aggressive, and dedicated. In our many years of experience, we’ve developed effective strategies for applying the law to our clients’ cases so that their side of the story comes through to judges, prosecutors, and members of the jury.

We have extensive knowledge and resources in defending clients who are charged with the commission of a crime or who are under investigation for criminal charges. In handling all criminal charges, criminal accusations, and criminal investigations throughout South Florida, our clients are provided with well-rounded, solid leverage based on our unmatched experience with and understanding of the criminal justice system.

Our law firm has nine offices across south, southwest, and southeast Florida (Naples, Sarasota, Tampa, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Key West, Fort Myers and Punta Gorda). The types of charges we may defend you against include, but aren’t limited to, the following:

Drunk Driving Charges (DUI-DWI)

Charges for driving under the influence (DUI) relate to traffic violations, administrative license hearings, underage DUI, and DUI manslaughter.

Drug Crime Charges

Florida drug crimes relate to possession of marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and other narcotics; possession with intent to distribute; drug manufacturing (e.g., marijuana grow houses), drug trafficking, state drug charges, and federal drug charges.

Sex Crime Charges

Florida sex crime charges relate to sex trafficking, child molestation, child pornography, sexual battery (rape), solicitation, prostitution, solicitation of a minor, sex with mentally handicapped or disabled individuals, Internet porn, and voyeurism (peeping Tom).

Theft Crime Charges

Theft crime charges in Florida relate to shoplifting, petty larceny, property theft, credit card theft, and identity theft.

White Collar Crime Charges

White collar crime charges in Florida relate to business crime, money laundering, embezzlement, Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), fraud, mail fraud, bank fraud, credit card fraud, healthcare fraud, and real estate fraud.

Juvenile Crime Charges

Juvenile crime charges in Florida relate to all the crimes listed previously, but usually relate to the following: property crimes, drug crimes, theft-related crimes, or crimes of violence.

Additional Legal Assistance

Our law firm also offers legal assistance with the following: Expungement of a criminal record; bond hearings; first appearances; early termination of probation hearings; sentencing hearings; and post conviction relief hearings.

Our Successful Track Record Speaks for Itself

As a law firm that has won numerous favorable case outcomes for individuals charged with serious crimes throughout Florida, our successful track record is a testament to how we may be able to assist you with your particular legal bind. To learn more about how you can help save your freedom, job, and personal relationships, call Musca Law today at (800) 687-2252 for a free consultation.

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