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Probation Violations

There are a variety of directions a criminal arrest can go in Florida, making the criminal justice system very complex and confusing. There are a variety of directions an arrest, conviction, and even release may go once you are thrown into the criminal justice system, and one of these directions is probation. Adjudication may be withheld and probation assigned; a suspect may be convicted with probation as part of the punishment; and/or probation may be in the terms of a convicted individual’s release. In any case, the offender must abide by the terms of their probation or else suffer the consequences which, in some cases, include going back to jail and/or prison.

A Complex System

The concept of being subject to consequences if you violate probation is simple enough to an outsider, but to the person tied to the terms of probation, it is a different story. The terms of probation are different for each person as they are tailored for the circumstances of specific crimes. Probation may involve a curfew, completion of an alcohol or drug treatment program, sobriety, professional requirements and/or limitations, and other terms.

The various requirements of probation make it common for a person to violate the terms of their probation without having even realized they did so, and if a person under probation has not been appropriately informed of the terms of their probation, they are placed at risk of violating it and violations of probation (VOP) carry consequences. There are even circumstances under which a person is only believedto have violated the terms of their probation, when they, in actuality, have not. Unfortunately, without aggressive representation, just that belief could be enough to warrant disciplinary action.

VOP Consequences

A person suspected of violating their probation may be arrested, without a warrant, and brought before the court, which has the power to revoke, modify, or simply reinstate the probation order. The court may also order the probation violator to be placed under community control, under section 948.06 of Florida Statutes. Once you’ve been accused of a probation violation in Florida, your goal should be to simply have the original probation order reinstated or minimally modified. To achieve this, you will need to retain the services of a quality criminal defense attorney.

Achieving Favorable Results through Quality Representation

Probation violations are often committed unbeknownst to the violator, but that does not mean that the court considers all probation violations as small, inconsequential infractions. In order to protect your rights and potentially your freedom, you should retain the services of a skilled Florida probation violations attorney who can analyze the details of your probation and develop a solid strategy against VOP charges. At Musca Law, our successful track record and more than 100 years of combined legal experience can give you the edge you need to successfully avoid unjust consequences. To learn more about your legal rights and options, contact the experienced legal team at Musca Law today for a confidential consultation at (800) 687-2252.

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