Lewis Fusco

Lewis Fusco received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management at Florida State University and graduated in 2009. He attended Law School at Florida Coastal in Jacksonville, FL. While in law school, he worked for the Public Defenders Office, assisting with investigations department. He also worked for nearly 3 years with Law Office of Casey Bryant, focusing strictly on criminal defense.

Lewis Fusco has tried a total of 7 cases this year with Casey Bryant, ranging from DUI, armed burglary, sex crimes. Additionally, he assisted in trial preparation for 17 trials in 2012. He was sworn in to practice law in October 2012 in the state of Florida. Lewis Fusco has assisted in over 100 DUI cases where he researched relevant issues, conducted formal administrative DMV hearings, and tried numerous cases in front of a jury.

While working with Law Office of Casey Bryant, he worked part time for Jacksonville Area Legal Aid, focusing on post conviction relief for ex-convicts attempting to enter the workforce. He has sealed and expunged over 50 criminal records and assisted them with issues relating to family law.

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