Theft Crimes

September 30, 2016

2 Drunken Friends Accused of Grand Theft for Stealing Bartender’s Gold Cart on Resort Property; Both Face Up To 5 Years in Prison; Both Defendants Escape With A Letter Of Apology, No Conviction On Any Criminal Charges and No Probation!

Highlands County, FL. Our client was one three individuals that left a lounge intoxicated through the back door, provoking a phone call to the police by the establishments manager. When an officer arrived at the establishment management reported that he had witnessed three men exiting the rear door, where two of the individuals (one being our client), drove off in a golf cart belonging to the Lounge. Our client was caught and arrested for Grand Theft.

Result: After careful negotiation with the State, we were able get the Felony Grand Theft charges dropped!

Internal Ref# 09-001003CF

Woman Admits To Running Fraudulent Refunds Through Cash Register At Work


Orange County, FL. Officers responded to a call made by JC Penny’s in reference to a possible report of employee theft. Upon the officers arrival he met with the loss prevention officer who stated that an investigation was conducted into suspicious register transactions involving an employee. The investigation discovered that our client had credited three different returns to her credit card. A copy of the store surveillance video showing the fraudulent transactions, register receipts and our client’s statement was filed with the State and charges were brought.

RESULT: Due not having past criminal record we were able to convince the judge to withhold, meaning there would be NO CONVICTION!

Internal Ref# 09-MM-14692

Man Charged With Theft At JC Penny

Charges Dropped

Police were contacted by the Loss Prevention officer at JC Penney, after Loss Prevention observed our client enter the fragrance department and select perfume that was valued at $70.00. He then slipped the perfume behind the shirts that he was holding up to his chest, and proceeded towards the fitting rooms. The fitting rooms had been recently cleared of all merchandise and trash prior to our Client entering the area. When our client left the fitting rooms there had been no sign of the perfume, only the shirts that he had held to his chest. Our client proceeded to the checkout counter where he made a small purchase, then left the store. Loss Prevention followed him out of the store and requested that he come back into the store where he was searched. During the search the perfume had been found in the right pocket of our client’s jacket. Our client was taken into custody and transported to the County Jail.

RESULT: After negotiations with the States Attorney and successfully completing the diversion program, the charges against our client were DROPPED!

Internal Ref# 10-MM-20812

Juvenile Stole $20,000 in Goods from Mansion and Caused $100,000 in Damage

Charges DROPPED!

Officers arrested a juvenile for his alleged involvement in the burglary of a mansion. The defendant is accused of causing over $100,000 in damage and stealing over $20,000 worth of goods. Witnesses claim they saw the suspect carrying the stolen goods down the street. Officers arrested the juvenile on charges of burglary, conspiracy, grand theft over $20,000, felony criminal mischief and trespass of a conveyance.

RESULT: The attorney requested the client not make a statement to police. The defense convinced the State to DROP all of the charges besides trespass of a conveyance. The client served minimal probationary sentence for this crime. The defense also managed for the client not to have to testify against his codefendants, despite repeated requests from the prosecution.

Internal Ref# CS09KF10-290

Traffic Stop Uncovered Stolen Handbags and Electronics from Burglary

Charges DROPPED!

Officers pulled a vehicle over for suspicious driving. Officers arrested one of the passengers for refusing to provide identification. A search of the vehicle located suspected stolen handbags and electronics. Our client did not provide a statement, but the other passengers claimed the items were stolen earlier in the day. Officers arrested our client and charged him with dealing with stolen property.

RESULT: The defense immediately filed a notice of appearance and argued that the officers lacked probable cause to initiate a traffic stop. The State agreed andDROPPED all of the charges.

Internal Ref# CS09KF11-10

Healthcare Worker Accused of Stealing from Disabled Patients


Officers served an arrest warrant on an employee who works with disabled patients. The defendant is accused of illegally using the victims’ ATM cards to steal cash. Surveillance cameras photographed the defendant illegally using the ATM machine. After her arrest, the defendant provided a written confession to police on four charges of exploiting elderly or disabled persons.

RESULT: With the evidence stacked against the client, the skill of the defense prevailed. The attorney arranged for three out of the four charges to be DROPPEDand the Court ruled no formal finding of guilt for the remaining offense resulting in NO CONVICTION!

Internal Ref #CS09KF12-02

Defendant Stole $4,000 Car Door from Dealership

Charges DROPPED!

A car dealership accused one of its employees of removing a seat from a new vehicle and installing it into his car. The seat had a value of $4,000. Officers arrested the defendant and charged him with grand theft.

RESULT: The defense questioned the lack of evidence against the client. The diligence of the attorney prevailed with the State DROPPING the charges against our client.

Internal Ref# CS09KF10-02

Defendant Found with Stolen Goods from Employer; Arrested for Grand Theft


A witness filed a complaint with police that one of his workers has been stealing from his warehouse. Officers checked out the residence of the defendant and found over $1,000 of the missing merchandise in his home. Other witnesses came forward with accounts of seeing the suspect loading his truck up with identical merchandise. Officers arrested the defendant and charged him with grand theft.

RESULT: The defense entered into heated negotiations with the State over the fate of the client. The attorney successfully obtained a verdict without formal finding of guilt resulting in NO CONVICTION!

Internal Ref# CS09KF11-02

Client Accused of Strong Arm Robbery

Receives Community Service and NO CONVICTION!

The juvenile defendant is accused of hitting the victim from behind and demanded $300. The victim had no more than $21. The victim stated that the defendant threatened to kill him inasmuch as he had access to firearms. The defendant than stole the victim’s Play Station 3 in lieu of the money. The victim contacted police and the suspect is arrested on felony charges of strong arm robbery.

RESULT: The defense argued that the client held a minimal role in the incident and convinced the State to reduce the charges. The Court ruled no formal finding of guilt resulting in only a community service sentence and NO CONVICTION!

Internal Ref# CS09KF10-15

Defendant Arrested on Third Theft Charge While on Probation; Accused of Stealing $1,150 from Wal-mart; Faced Felony Conviction and up to 5 Years in Prison


Loss prevention officers recognized the defendant in his store as a former shoplifter. The suspect and two other individuals pushed two carts full of merchandise to the back of the store where they filled up empty Wal-mart with the goods. The suspects then attempted to leave the store and pass all points of sale without attempting to pay for the items. Loss prevention apprehended the defendant for attempting to heist $1149.35 worth of merchandise from the store and is later arrested on charges ofgrand theft.

RESULT: The client has been convicted of stealing from Wal-mart twice before this arrest and was currently serving a probation sentence for the second conviction. Thedefense successfully negotiated the case on the client’s behalf resulting in NO CONVICTION and NO PRISON TIME!

Internal Ref# CS09KF11-03

Client Arrested on First Degree Misdemeanor Charges for Petit Theft


Officers arrested a defendant for a first degree misdemeanor petit theft. Florida law considers the crime of petit theft as the willful taking of another’s property with the intention of either permanently or temporarily depriving that individual of that property. In order for the crime to be considered petit theft, the value of the stolen item must be less than $300.

RESULT: The defense noticed the client’s petit theft case for trial. The defense prevailed with a no formal finding of guilt ruling, resulting in NO CONVICTION!

Internal Ref# CS09KF09-23

Defendant Stole Souvenirs from Unsuspecting Tourists


A man inside a resort saw a group of people leave their souvenir bags unattended. He allegedly took the bags into the restroom, decided not to tamper with the items and left. The goods were recovered and returned to their rightful owners, but the suspect had been caught on video tape. Officers arrested him on charges of petit theft.

RESULT: The defense successfully proved to the State that no crime actually took place and no charges against the client were filed!

Internal Ref# CS09KF09-23

Defendant Arrested on Petit Theft Charges after Stealing from Department Store

Charges DROPPED!

Department store loss prevention officers witnessed the suspect placing items off the rack and into a large handbag. The suspect then passed all points of sale without attempting to purchase the concealed items. Loss prevention officers detained the suspect and the Police were called. The Police arrested the Defendant on charges ofPetit Theft.

RESULT: The defense entered into negotiations with the State over the case details. The Attorney successfully arranged for the Client to be entered into a Diversion Program versus face Court prosecution. The Client completed the program and the State DROPPED all charges against the Client.

Internal Ref# CS09KF07-27

Client Arrested for Grand Theft of a Trailer


A camp ground resident contacted the Police after his trailer went missing. The Defendant had paid a manager in full for the usage of a campground lot. The Defendant then hooked up a trailer to his pick up truck and left the grounds. The trailer did not belong to the Defendant and he was only staying with its owner. The Police arrested the Defendant and charged him with Grand Theft.

RESULT: Musca Law successfully negotiated with the State Attorney and the StateDISMISSED the charges.

Internal Ref# CS09RJ06-08

Client Attempted to Heist DVD Player; Arrested on Petit Theft Charges

Charges DROPPED!

Costco Loss Prevention Officers observed the Defendant remove a DVD player from its packaging and place it into her purse. The Defendant passed all points of sale and attempted to leave the store without purchasing the item. Loss Prevention Officers contacted Police and pressed Petit Theft charges against the Defendant.

RESULT: The Defendant retained Musca Law to defend the charges against her. The Defense attorney arranged for the Client to avoid the Court system by participating in a Misdemeanor Diversion Program. The State DROPPED all the charges against the Client. The Client is now eligible to have her record expunged.

Internal Ref# CS09MM06-25

Victim Lied to Police; Defendants Arrested on Felony Burglary Charges

Charges DROPPED!

Some friends were invited to visit the home of other acquaintances to discuss personal issues. The homeowner took offense with one of the visitor’s opinions and asked the individual to leave. The homeowner then contacted Police and lied that the visitors broke into her home. The Police arrested the friends and charged them with Burglary of an Occupied Dwelling and Intimidate/Threatening a Witness/Informant.

RESULTS: The Defendants retained Musca Law to fight the serious felony charges against them. The defense immediately contacted the State to obtain evidence and statements gathered by the arresting Officer. Prior to trial, the pseudo victim came clean and filed a Drop Charge Statement with the Prosecution. The State thenDROPPED all charges against the Clients.

Internal Ref# CC09MM07-02

Client Exchanged her Own Earrings after Store Refused; Arrested on Petit Theft Charges

Charges DROPPED!

Department Store Loss Prevention Officers witnessed the Defendant remove a new set of earrings from the packaging. The Defendant then took her old earrings and placed them into the new packaging. The Defendant placed the new set of earrings into her purse and left the store. Loss Prevention Officers stopped the Defendant and contacted Police. Police arrested and charged the Defendant with Petit Theft.

RESULT: The defense proved to the State that the Client had no intention of stealing the earrings. The Client only wanted to exchange the exact item for her broken pair after the store refused to take the earrings back. In an effort to keep the Client out of the Court system, the Defense arranged for the Client to enter into a Deferred Prosecution Program. The State DROPPED all charges against the Client. The Client is now eligible to have her records expunged.

Internal Ref# CC08MM12-10

Defendant Charged with Petit Theft after Forgetting to Return Car Key; Bench Warrant Issued

Warrant Recalled and Petit Theft Charge Dismissed!

The Defendant forgot to return a car key to a dealership after taking a vehicle for a test drive. The Defendant had no idea the State charged him with a Petit Theft crime until months later. The Defendant received a Notice of Arraignment after the hearing had passed. The Court issued a Bench Warrant for the Defendant’s failure to appear at the Arraignment hearing.

RESULT: The defense filed a Motion to Withdraw the Warrant and scheduled a hearing on the matter. The Defense contacted the State’s office and convinced them to reconsider the charges filed against the Client. The Defense successfully swayed the Prosecution to RECALL the warrant and throw out the criminal charges.

Internal Ref# CC09MM06-17

Defendant Convicted on Petit Theft Charge Requested Termination of Probation Sentence

Request GRANTED and Probation TERMINATED!

The Defendant served probation for a petit theft conviction. The Defendant completed all terms of the probation sentence, including payment of any fees or Court costs, and no longer needed supervision from the State.

RESULT: The Attorney filed a Motion for Early Termination of Probation. The Attorney moved forward with a hearing on the Motion before the Court. The Attorney successfully proved to the Judge that the Client no longer needed State supervision. The Court GRANTED the Request for Early Termination of Probation and TERMINATED the Client’s remaining probation.

Internal Ref# CC08MM06-12

Employee Facing Criminal Charges & Jail Time for Stealing at Work

NO CONVICTION on charge of Petit Theft!

CVS store security observed an employee stealing merchandise. The security staff pulled the employee/suspect aside during his shift to address the theft. The store fired the dishonest employee and pressed Petit Theft charges against him.

Result: The Defendant obtained legal representation from Musca Law to fight the charges. The Defense Attorney entered into intense negotiations with the Prosecutor over the Client’s fate. The Client had previous criminal convictions and could possibly face jail time for his crime. The Defense obtained a generous plea deal from the Prosecution. The Client received no formal finding of guilt on the charges of Petit Theft and did not go back to jail.

Internal Ref# CC08MM04-15

Department Store Shopper Attempted to Heist $700 worth of Goods

NO FORMAL FINDING OF GUILT on Felony Charge of Grand Theft!

Mall security followed a suspicious shopper in a JCPenny Department Store. The suspect selected 4 bottles of perfume, 4 pairs of shoes and 2 purses. The shopper entered into the dressing room with the items and then exited with nothing. Security personnel immediately examined the dressing room and found it empty. The suspect proceeded to the exit door and made no attempt to pay for the concealed items. The shopper was stopped by mall security and the Police were called. The Defendant attempted to heist almost $700 worth of merchandise and was facing a felony Grand Theft charge.

RESULT: The Defense Attorney entered into negotiations with the Prosecution over the details of the Client’s case. The Defense obtained a generous deal from the State and the Court found NO FORMAL FINDING OF GUILT on the Client’s felony Grand Theft charge!

Internal Ref# CC08MM030-18

Shoplifter Arrested Twice within 3 Days for Petit Theft!

NO CONVICTION on Both Charges!

The Defendant was arrested at a retail store on a charge of Petit Theft. The Defendant had no prior criminal history and the Court placed her into a Diversion Program to avoid prosecution. Only 3 days after bonding out of jail, the Defendant was arrested again on another Petit Theft charge at another retail store. This second arrested violated the terms of bond and the Judge had the Defendant brought back to the Polk County Jail to await trial on the 2 separate theft charges.

RESULT: The Defendant retained Musca Law Firm to defend the charges against her. The Defense filed a Motion to Set Bond to release the Client from jail and await trial under the supervision of her parents. The Defense worked out a deal with the Prosecution and the Client received NO FORMAL FINDING OF GUILT on both charges of Petit Theft.

Internal Ref# CS099MM01-26

Dutch Tourist Charged with Shoplifting Cologne from Sears Store


Loss Prevention Officers stop a Dutch Tourist for shoplifting cologne at a local Sears store. The Loss Prevention Officers document the Defendant removing cologne from its packaging, placing the cologne in his back pocket and the empty package back onto the store shelf. The Defendant tries leaving the store without paying for the cologne and is then stopped by security. The Police are called to the store and the Defendant is arrested for Petit Theft.

RESULT: The Client lives out of the country and the Defense Attorney filed a Plea in Absentia on his behalf. The Defense Attorney negotiated the details of the proceeding with the Prosecution. The Prosecution was persuaded by the Defense toDROP ALL CHARGES against the Client.

Internal Ref #CS099MM05-19

Man on DUI Probation Steals Camper for His Vacation; Charged with Grand Theft and Violation of DUI Probation


A Defendant is serving a 12 month probation sentence for a DUI conviction. During this 12 month probationary period, the Defendant unlawfully “borrows” a camper from an acquaintance. The acquaintance files a stolen vehicle report with Police. The Police find the Defendant and the camper vacationing in the state of North Carolina. The Defendant is arrested and charged with Grand Theft and Violation of DUI Probation and extradited to Florida.

RESULT: The Defense Attorney successfully proved to the Prosecution that the Client had no intention of permanently depriving the victim of his camper and therefore did not commit Grand Theft and violate the terms of his DUI Probation. The Court agreed with the Defense and the State agreed to DROP THE CHARGES!

Internal Ref #CS099MM01-29

Mother and Minor Daughter Duo Facing Felon yConvictions for Shoplifting


During a day of shopping, a mother and minor daughter’s quality time was cut short. At a department store, security officers observed the mother and daughter placing bottles of perfume testers off of the cosmetic counter and into their bags. Both mother and child were arrested and charged with Felony Theft.

RESULT: The minor daughter had no prior record. In an effort to keep the minor Defendent safe out of the Court system, the Attorney successfully arranged for her to participate in a juvenile diversion program. The young Client completed the program and the State DROPPED all charges. Our minor Client is now eligible to have her record expunged.

Internal Ref #CS099MM05-06

Spring Breaker Arrested for Petit Theft/Shoplifting Sandwiches


Defendant, a college student vacationing in Florida on spring break, was shopping at a Publix Supermarket with friends. A loss prevention officer accused the Defendant of putting food items into a brown plastic bag and leaving the store without paying for the items. Police placed the Defendant under arrest and charged him with Petit Theft.

RESULT: The Attorney successfully negotiated with the State Prosecutor to dismiss the charge against the Defendant. Our Client is eligible to have his records expunged.

Internal Ref# CS099MM03-17

Homeless Man Accused of Grand Theft Against Church


Defendant moved from Virginia to join a local Christian church. The church pastor invited the Defendant to live in the church boarding house in exchange for manual labor. The pastor accused him of removing items of furniture and appliances from the house. Police arrested the Defendant and charged him with Grand Theft.

RESULT: The Attorney aggressively challenged the State on being able to meet its burden of proof. The State Attorney dismissed the charge of Grand Theft!

Internal Ref# CS099MM03-03

Decoy Vehicle Lures Petit Theft

Charges Reduced! NO CONVICTION on Burglary of Conveyance!

Due to a high incident of vehicle and residential burglary, police set up an unmarked vehicle on the roadside to monitor possible suspects. The decoy vehicle had a partially open trunk with a new 32” flat screen TV showing. Deputies conducted surveillance and observed the Defendant removing the TV from the trunk of the car. Deputies confronted the Defendant and handcuffed him. A pat down search revealed a pipe used for smoking marijuana in his front pocket. Police charged the Defendant with Petit Theft, Burglary of a Conveyance, and Possession of Paraphernalia.

Internal Ref# CS099MM02-17

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