Violent Crimes

September 26, 2016

Client Charged With Aggravated Assault With A Firearm (Involving 3 Year Mandatory Minimum Prison Sentence) For Pulling A Gun On His Boss


Client was arrested for an Aggravated Assault with a Firearm, where he was accused of pulling a gun on his old boss. Officers responded to a pizza restaurant where upon arrival, contact was made with the manager. Officers were advised that management had engaged in a verbal dispute with a terminated employee, who was there to retrieve a paycheck. The terminated employee stated, “What you gonna do now” then lifted his shirt and displayed a firearm, that was located in his waistband. The manager grabbed our client by the neck and threw him to the ground. A threat was then made by our client that he was going to kill him, where he then left the building. Our client was later arrested at his home.

RESULT: The manager admitted to jumping our client and strangling him as soon as he saw the gun. We convinced the State that they did not have the elements in place to prove Aggravated Assault with a Firearm. Client Receives NO Prison, No Conviction and No Probation.

Internal Ref# 09-29133-MM10A

Client Violeated Felony Probation For Second Degree Murder


Florida Law Section 948.03 (1) (K) authorizes Correctional Probation Officers to conduct drug and alcohol tests on offenders. The random process of urine testing is conducted with no warn date. Our client who tested positive for cocaine during random testing while on a felony probation for 20 years was subjected to legal consequences.

RESULT: After aggressive negotiation with the State, Department of Corrections and his probation officer our client was reinstated on his probation, with a remainder of 14 years, with two of which that must be completed on Drug Offender probation.AVOIDED LIFE SENTENCE!

Internal Ref# 96-421CFMC

Client Faced 10 Years in Prison for Aggravated Battery with a Firearm


Officers arrested a defendant who beat up the accused suspect involved in stealing his girlfriend’s bank card. The defendant recovered the bank card after beating him unconscious with his legally registered handgun. The defendant now faces felony charges of aggravated battery with a firearm.

RESULT: The defense convinced the State that the victim would not be able to positively identify the client for a jury. The attorney successfully persuaded the prosecution to reduce the charges resulting in NO AGGRAVATED BATTERY WITH A FIREARM CONVICTION and NO MANDATORY PRISON TIME!

Internal Ref# CS09KF09-14

Defendant Facing Prison After Accused of Robbing a Woman Holding her Child & Shot Boyfriend; Arrested on Robbery, Possession of Weapon by Convicted Felon Probation Violation


Police were called to a home after a robbery occurred. Three men forced their way into the home, robbed a woman while she held her infant child and then shot the woman’s boyfriend twice. The victim identified one of the robbers to Police as a man who lives in her neighborhood. Police took the suspect into custody where he confessed to the crime. The suspect in custody identified our Client as one of the assailants in the robbery. The Police arrest and charge our Client with Felony Robbery, Felony Possession of Weapon by Convicted Felon and Violation of Probation.

RESULT: The Police found the remaining suspect and took him into custody. TheDefense discussed the details of the case with the Prosecution. The Defense successfully persuaded the State that our Client had no involvement in this horrific crime. The State DROPPED all charges against the Client.

Internal Ref #CS08MM12-15

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