Plant City, FL – Pedestrian Man Killed during Hit-and-Run Accident

November 18, 2018

Plant City, FL (November 17, 2018) – Recently, the Plant City Police Department confirmed that a man died after he was struck by a driver who was fleeing from law enforcement officials.

According to the report, 43-year old Plant City resident Armando Lopez had been walking home from work and had traveled down the south portion of Sammonds Road when, without warning, he was struck by the vehicle.

Officers charged 26-year old Plant City resident Daniel Castro, the driver, for fleeing the scene of a fatal accident, operating a vehicle without a valid driver’s license, fleeing the site to elude police officers, committing vehicular homicide, and assaulting a law enforcement official with a deadly weapon.

Meanwhile, 25-year old Sierra Vickery, a passenger, was detained for a warrant charge that was not related to this hit-and-run.

Likewise, the second passenger, 30-year old Plant City resident Emmanuel Sandoval, has not been located by police at this time. Aerial and K9 support were unable to locate him after the accident. At this time, law enforcement officials issued warrants for driving with a suspended license, resisting a police officer, and aggravated assault.

Vehicular Homicide in Plant City

Plant City, FL – Pedestrian Man Killed during Hit-and-Run AccidentDefined by Florida Law, homicide takes place when a person unlawfully kills another human being. Due to the fact that a variety of motives can instigate a killing, homicides are categorized based on degrees of manslaughter and murder. Depending on how malicious the purpose was, punishment can range from years in jail to life imprisonment.

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