FORT LAUDERDALE, FL - December 10, 2020 - According to several online news reports, a serious SWAT standoff involving a burglar who was caught breaking into shops in a Fort Lauderdale shopping plaza and SWAT.  The suspect had unlawfully entered a pawnshop, barricaded himself inside the store, and then threatened police and SWAT that he would "open fire" at the law enforcement officers.  Fortunately, the police were able to apprehend and arrest the suspect.  

According to the various news stories published about the incident, the Fort Lauderdale Police responded to a burglary alarm activation at a pawn shop located off of West Davie Boulevard.  The Fort Lauderdale Police arrived on the scene at around 6 a.m. this past Sunday.  Criminal investigators stated that a witness had notified law enforcement concerning a business burglary in progress.

The Fort Lauderdale Police reported that the subject had first illegally entered the La Aurora Restaurant, which is a small cafe.  The man entered the restaurant by smashing in the front window.

The suspect allegedly began to commit other acts of vandalism in some of the other stores next to the restaurant.  The suspect broke into a cellphone store, where the police stated the man discovered he was trapped.  Most of the stores and shops have bars on windows and doors.  

As the Fort Lauderdale Police arrived, the suspect found that he was cornered in the pawnshop and the suspect then decided to barricade himself inside the pawnshop.  The pawnshop owner stated that the incident was shocking as they never experienced this sort of crime over the past 20 years in business at that location. 

The suspect attempted to break the shop's ladder to prevent law enforcement from accessing the business. However, the Fort Lauderdale Police already had the pawnshop surrounded. After speaking with the negotiator, the suspect agreed to surrender to the police.  However, the suspect then refused to follow their instructions.

A surveillance camera, caught on video, the Fort Lauderdale Police officers screaming at the suspect to stop moving as the suspect allegedly "reached into his waistband."  At that moment, the SWAT officers used non-lethal force to catch the suspect and place him into police custody.

The suspect was brought to Broward Health Medical Center to ensure his safety and then was booked into the Broward County Jail.

Mathurin is facing a long list of charges, including several counts of resisting officers without violence and armed burglary.  The suspect is being held at the county jail without bond.