Man Charged with Battery & Resisting Arrest without Violence


The Police were called to a local bar after a disorderly customer refused to leave the location. The Officer on the scene observed a shirtless suspect screaming profanities and kicking a glass entry door. The volatile Defendant yelled at Police that he would not leave without his glasses that were left inside the bar. A back-up Officer volunteered to get the suspect’s glasses, but the Defendant then had to immediately vacate the property. The Defendant protested by grabbing the Officer by his shirt. The Officer grabbed the suspect’s wrist and the Defendant turned to run. The Officer threw the Defendant onto the ground and cuffed him. The Defendant was arrested on charges of Battery and Resisting Arrest without Violence.

RESULT: Battery on a Police Officer is not a crime that the Court takes lightly. The Defense entered into intense negotiations with the Prosecution over the details of the case. The Defense Attorney convinced the Prosecution not to pursue the Resisting Arrest without Violence charge and the Court found NO FORMAL FINDING OF GUILT on the Battery charge!

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