Client Charged with 4TH DUI after Hostile Arrest with Police


Officers responded to Applebee’s Restaurant in reference to a disturbance by an impaired individual. Contact was made with staff when the officer was advised that a female was causing a disturbance at the restaurant, but was getting ready to leave. Our client proceeded towards the door when the officers observed that she appeared impaired. After leaving the building and allegedly staggering to her car, she proceeded to enter the vehicle on the driver’s side and drove out of the parking lot. Officers proceeded to follow behind her, where they conducted a traffic stop. Officers requested that she take field sobriety exercises and a breath test. Our client refused. She was then asked if she was carrying a weapon, where she responded; “I have a firearm on me right now”. At that point a DUI arrest was made where our client was allegedly hostile, and uttered curse words at the officer.

RESULT: After diligent negations, our client received probation with minimal fines and NO JAIL or PRISON SENTENCE.

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