Client Faced Charges of 3 Counts of Possession, DUI & DUI with Property Damage after Crash; Arrested


Police responded to a traffic crash. A driver failed to stop and struck another vehicle waiting at a stop light. The Officer noticed the offending driver acted impaired; he had slurred speech, watery eyes and smelled of alcohol. The Defendant failed Field Sobriety Testing and blew .155 & .139 Breathalyzer Test. The Officer conducted a pat down search of the Defendant and located marijuana, a smoking pipe and 5 Alprazolam pills. The Officer arrested the Defendant for DUI,”>DUI Property Damage, Possession of Alphrazolam, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia,Possession of Cannabis and Careless Driving.

RESULT: The Defendant faced heavy sanctions for his crimes. He retained Musca Law to fight the serious charges against him. The attorney arranged for the Client to participate in Drug Court and the Prosecution DISMISSED all charges of possession. The Defense moved forward with DUI proceedings and the Court ruled no formal finding of guilt on the charges of DUI and DUI with Property Damage. The Defense also convinced the State to DROP the remaining Careless Driving charge.

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