College Student Arrested For DUI After Running Red Light

Full Driving Privileges Reinstated!

Police stopped our client for running a red light. Upon making contact, the client admitted to one of the officers that she had been drinking and was coming home from the bar. In addition, she performed poorly on field sobriety exercises. The police arrested her for DUI and transported her to jail. At the jail, she blew .162 and .155, twice the legal limit. The DMV immediately suspended her license.

RESULT: Musca Law employs an attorney who focuses exclusively on handling DMV suspension appeals after DUI arrests. As the attorney does with every case, she carefully reviewed documents regarding the breath test machine used to test our client’s breath. This thorough review revealed a problem in the maintenance of breath test machine. At the hearing, she argued that the DMV’s failure to properly maintain the breath test machine required a lifting of the license suspension. The Hearing Officer had no choice but to invalidate the license suspension. The result,FULL DRIVING PRIVILEGES REINSTATED, VALUABLE EVIDENCE OBTAINED FOR THE CRIMINAL DUI CHARGE, NO OTHER PENALITIES!

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