Defendant Facing Prison after Accused of Robbing a Woman Holding Her Child & Shot Boyfriend

All Charges Dropped!

Police were called to a home after a robbery occurred. Three men forced their way into the home, robbed a woman while she held her infant child and then shot the woman’s boyfriend twice. The victim identified one of the robbers to Police as a man who lives in her neighborhood. Police took the suspect into custody where he confessed to the crime. The suspect in custody identified our Client as one of the assailants in the robbery. The Police arrest and charge our Client with Felony Robbery, Felony Possession of Weapon by Convicted Felon and Violation of Probation.

RESULT: The Police found the remaining suspect and took him into custody. The Defense discussed the details of the case with the Prosecution. The Defense successfully persuaded the State that our Client had no involvement in this horrific crime. The State DROPPED all charges against the Client.

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