Defendant Ignored Probation Sentence; Bench Warrant Issued

Charges Dropped, Bench Warrant Dismissed & Probation Terminated

A Defendant serving DUI probation disregard the terms of his sentence. The Defendant moved and changed employment without notifying his probation officer. His whereabouts became unknown and landed him back in trouble with the Court system. The State issued a Bench Warrant for the Defendant’s arrest on charges of Violation of DUI Probation.

RESULT: The Defense filed a Motion to Quash the Violation of Probation charges. The Defense argued that a Violation of Probation conviction unnecessarily punished the Client by rendering him ineligible for State programs. The Court agreed with the Defense and DROPPED the charges against the Client. The state dismissed the Bench Warrant and TERMINATED the remaining amount of the Client’s DUI probation sentence.

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