Defendant Violated Dui Probation with Theft Arrest

Violation Dropped and Probation Reinstated

Loss Prevention Officers witnessed the Defendant enter the store with empty shopping bags and a cart. The Defendant allegedly placed numerous products into the cart totaling $278.00. He then passed all points of sale and attempted to leave without paying. The Defendant originally told Loss Prevention that his wife held the receipt for the items, but later confessed to the crime. Police arrested the Defendant and charged him with Petit Theft. At the time of the arrest, the Defendant was currently serving probation stemming from a DUI arrest. The Defendant now faced charges of Violating Probation.

RESULT: The Defense prepared for the Violation of Probation hearing. The Defense convinced the presiding Judge that the Defendant had no malice on the day of the Petit Theft arrest. The State DROPPEDthe violation and REINSTATED the Client’s probation.

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