Driver Failed Field Sobriety Testing and Charged with DUI

Jury Found Client NOT GUILTY on Charges!

An Officer observed a Driver weaving in and out of lanes and cross the white line into oncoming traffic on five separate occasions. The Defendant stopped at a green light when the Officer initiated a  traffic stop. He allegedly told the officer that he had three glasses of wine and responded “I can’t do that sober,” after hearing the sobriety test instructions. The Deputy reported that the suspect failed both of the one-legged stand test and the walk and turn test. The suspect was taken into custody where he refused to submit a blood alcohol content sample. He faces charges of  DUI and Refusal to Sign Citation.

RESULT: The Attorney brought the  DUI case before a jury trial. The Defense strategically proved to the jury that the Officer performed a bad DUI investigation and cast doubt on the information presented by the Prosecution. The Defense Attorney proved to the Court that the Case against the Client lacked sufficient evidence to retrieve a conviction and the jury found the Client NOT GUILTY.

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