Driver Fled Crash and Blew .233 & .235


Police were contacted after a driver involved with a crash allegedly fled the scene. Police located the Defendant in a nearby parking lot. Police stated that the Defendant had slurred speech, glassy eyes and smelled of alcohol. The Driver failed Sobriety Testing and submitted a breath test. The suspect blew .233 and .235; this is over 3 times the legal limit of .08.

RESULT: The Defendant faced serious charges of DUI, including: DUI with Personal Injury, DUI with Property Damage, Leaving the Scene of a Crash, Failure to Change Address within 30 Days and Failure to Use Due Care with regard to Crash. The attorney obtained a copy of the arrest video and took depositions to prepare for Court. The Defense convinced the State to DISMISS the charges of Leaving the Scene of a Crash, Failure to Change Address, and Failure to Use Due Care. The atttorney negotiated only the bare minimum penalties for the DUI offense.

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