Driver Passed out in Car, Cannot Stand up & Admits to Drinking; Charged with Dui

No Dui Conviction!

An Officer on patrol noticed a suspicious vehicle parked behind a neighborhood bar. Upon further inspection, the Driver of the vehicle is passed out and slumped over the steering wheel. The Officer bangs on the driver’s side window for several minutes before the Driver awakens. The Officer asks the driver to get out of the car and he responds by screaming, “I do not know how!” After receiving instructions from the Police on how to exit his car, the driver can barely stand up and reeks of alcohol. The driver admitted to Police he has been drinking and refuses sobriety testing. The Defendant was arrested and charged with DUI.

RESULT: The Defense Attorney successfully argued the Defendant’s motives while passed out in the car. The State was persuaded by the Defense Attorney to lessen the charges against the Client, resulting in NO DUI CONVICTION!

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