Man Is Arrested For His 3rd DUI, Blows .194 and .206

Flees The State Of Florida On The Morning of Trial, Avoids Jail!

Our client caused a traffic accident. When police arrived, they detected signs of intoxication from the client and arrested him. At the police station he blew .194 and .206, two and half times the legal limit. On the morning of trial, he did not appear and fled the state of Florida. The court issued a warrant for his arrest. Only then did the client retain our law office.

RESULT: Not only did the client face prison time on the original charge, but now the Prosecutor wanted blood because the client tried to evade justice. At a minimum, the Prosecutor wanted a minimum of 9 months of jail time. Our attorney, having decades of experience handling these cases as a former prosecutor himself, went to work. Through hours of phone calls and bargaining, he was able to negotiate the following deal: NO JAIL TIME!

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