Juvenile Violated Probation with School Discipline Problems and New Arrest

Charges Dismissed!

A juvenile served a probation sentence for an Aggravated Battery conviction. A juvenile probationer must abide by certain rules in accordance with their sentence; including, obeying all school rules with no unexcused absences or late arrivals and abiding by all laws with no further criminal involvement. The juvenile disregarded the probation terms with two disciplinary school referrals and a Criminal Mischief with Property Damage arrest. The Probation Officer had the juvenile arrested and charged with Violation of Probation.

RESULT: The Defense Attorney evaluated all the evidence, including the proof and cost of damage in the criminal mischief case. The Defense argued that all of the evidence was circumstantial and therefore, insufficient to secure a conviction against the Client. The Attorney successfully proved to the Court that the Client had no intent to violate his probation sentence and the Judge DISMISSED the charges.

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