Local Realtor Arrested for 3rd Dui Offense, Involved in Serious Crash, Blood Draw Produces .193 Result.

Dismissal of the Criminal Dui Charge and Full Reinstatement of Driver’s License!

Our client was involved in a serious head-on collision that required one passenger in the other vehicle to be airlifted to the hospital and the other passenger to be transported by ambulance. There was an estimated $15,000 in vehicle damages alone. While being treated in the ambulance, the EMT alerted an officer that our client had the odor of alcohol on her breath. After admitting to the officer that she had been drinking, he asked for a blood draw to test how much she had been drinking. Our client initially refused, but after being informed that a refusal would result in a one-year suspension of her driving privileges, she consented to the blood draw. After obtaining a legal sample, a test revealed a single result of .193, over twice the legal limit.

RESULT: We filed three motions to invalidate the license suspension. We were able to convince the hearing officer to grant the second motion because of an improper probable cause affidavit. Our third motion concerning improper blood tests was also a successful challenge to invalidate the license suspension. The result, LIFTING OF THE SUSPENSION and FULL REINSTATEMENT OF DRIVER’S LICENSE! Attorney succeeded in achieving a FULL DISMISSAL OF THE CRIMINAL DUI CHARGE AS WELL!

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