Man Charged with Strangling Girlfriend

No Conviction, No Jail Time

Client was arrested and charged after a domestic violence-related incident. An officer was sent to a residence in North Fort Myers in response to a report of a domestic disturbance. Upon arrival, the officer discovered the client, who was highly intoxicated, along with his live-in-girlfriend, his girlfriend’s adult daughter, and the daughter’s boyfriend. According to the police report, after drinking all day the client abruptly and without warning lunged at his girlfriend and began to choke her. Her daughter then grabbed a beer bottle and struck the client twice in the head. The client then began to choke the daughter until the daughter’s boyfriend pulled the client away from her. In his report, the officer noted that both victims had red marks on their necks. Our client was arrested and charged with two counts of Felony Battery – Domestic Battery by Strangulation.

RESULT: Despite being charged with two felonies each punishable by up to five years in prison, our client was released with probation and an order for counseling. After our client retained us, we successfully negotiated a plea agreement, whereby jail time was avoided, despite having been charged with two third-degree felonies. NO CONVICTION!

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