Out of State Drunk Driver on Reckless Driving Rampage

Client was arrested and charged with DUI, after he was pulled over for throwing lit cigarettes out of his car window, swerving, and nearly striking another vehicle on the road. The officer explained the reasons for the stop, and our Client was asked how much alcohol he had consumed, where he responded: “three beers.” The officer then suspected that he was impaired, asking him to submit to a series of field sobriety exercises, where he had agreed, and allegedly failed. The exercises were video-taped by the officer, and submitted into evidence. After a request was made, our Client refused to submit to a breath test, he was then read the Miranda Warning, and taken into custody.

RESULT: The attorney argued diligently, that after reviewing the video-taped field exercises, our Client did not fail the test, that in fact, he passed with “Flying Colors”.No Drivers License Suspension! No DUI Conviction!

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