Police find Drugs & License Violation during Routine Traffic Stop


Police initiate a traffic stop on a driver with a cracked brake light. The driver explained to the Officer that he possessed a restricted business purpose only driver’s license, resulting from a prior DUI conviction. The Driver also admitted that he was on his way to visit his girlfriend, violating the terms of his restricted driver’s license. The Officer issued the Defendant a warning for the cracked brake light and Driving on a Restricted License. The Officer then requested that the driver allow him to search his vehicle and the driver complied. The Officer found marijuana in the center console of the car and arrested the Defendant. The State charged the Defendant with Possession of Marijuana and Violation of a Restricted License.

RESULT: The Defendant retained Musca Law Firm to resolve the charges against him. The Defense prepared the case to go before a Non-Jury Trial. The Defense’s strategy struck holes into the case of the Prosecution. The Judge DISMISSED the Possession of Marijuana charge and ordered NO FORMAL FINDING OF GUILTon the charge of Violation of Restricted Driver’s License.

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