Soldiers Military Clearance Hindered for Failure to Appear in Court on DUI Charge; Warrant Issued

No DUI Conviction!

Our client had been pulled over for driving without headlights, which led to a DUI investigation. When the officer approached the vehicle he had observed a strong odor of alcohol, however, his speech was not slurred. Our client participated in the field sobriety tests and performed poorly. He blew a .17 on the breath test. Client was arrested and charged with DUI. He was later arrested on an outstanding warrant for failure to appear in court. He contacted our office to resolve the case as it was causing issues with his Security Clearance with the United States Military.

RESULTS: During negotiations the State offered the minimum sanctions, but were convinced that they could apply the sanctions from the current date, instead of the earlier date, where the fines were lower and did not require probation. The attorney in this case informed the Court of his intent to file a motion to stay, as the client was stationed overseas. Instead of staying procedures, the court decided that DUI sanctions were close to impossible to complete while stationed abroad during war time. The State accepted these terms. NO DUI CONVICTION!

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