Women Attacks with Grout Trowel, Arrested on Aggravated Battery Charge

No Prosecution & Aggravated Battery Charge Dismissed!

A woman engaged in a feud with her neighbor over him throwing things at her trailer. The woman confronted her two male neighbors in her yard and one man physically attacked her. The woman acted in self-defense by grabbing a grout trowel, used for laying tile, and sliced her neighbor in several places. The woman’s boyfriend witnessed the altercation and came to her rescue. The boyfriend used a tazer to taze the violent neighbor while he contacted 911. The woman was arrested and charged with Aggravated Battery for her part in the brawl with the neighbor.

RESULT: The attorney filed the Appearance on the Client’s behalf and entered into discussions with the Prosecution over case details. Our Defense Attorney convinced the Prosecution not to press charges and DISMISSED the case against our Client.

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