2nd Time Drug Paraphernalia Offender Admits to Possession In Car

No Conviction!

Monroe County, FL. Our client was pulled over for displaying illegal window tint on the rear windows. The officer made contact with the driver and noticed that he was nervous, evident by his shaking hands. The officer also noticed a light odor of burnt marijuana in the vehicle as he stood near the driver’s door.

The officer then issued our client a warrant relative to the illegal tint. Our client was then asked if there was anything illegal in the vehicle, where he stated that there was. He admitted to a bowl and a small amount of marijuana in a baggie. The officer then asked if he could conduct a search of the vehicle, where consent was given. The officer recovered a glass smoking pipe, coke can (false compartment inside), which contained approximately 1 gram of marijuana in the baggie. The pipe was inside a Crown Royal felt bag. Our client was issued a Notice to Appear, and all contraband was placed into evidence.

Result: Although it was our client’s second Possession of Marijuana offense, and the fact that the officer did not make an arrest, we were able to negotiate; NO CONVICTION!

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