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What Are Criminal Cases?

Criminal cases are crimes against society rather than a dispute between individuals or organizations. For example, a person who drives drunk and is pulled over will be charged with a criminal case because they have created a dangerous situation for people in the community­­­­­­­, their fellow drivers, by driving while intoxicated.

On the other hand, a person who is in a collision with another vehicle may be sued in civil court because another individual, the person in the other car, has been injured, rather than the community in general.

Some major crimes committed with individual victims, such as kidnapping, may be charged in criminal court due to their severity even though an individual has been victimized.

What Are the Main Differences Between Criminal and Civil Cases?

Some examples of criminal cases include murder, arson, aggravated assault, rape, kidnapping, selling illegal drugs, and drunk driving. Notice that all of these cases involve a threat to society.

Even though it might seem that murder and arson are much more of a threat to a community or society than crimes such as selling drugs or drunk driving, all of these crimes pose dangers to society to some degree.

Some examples of civil cases include being injured on the job (such as an injured worker suing their employer for creating a dangerous work situation), overbilling for services (such as a contractor charging more for installing kitchen countertops than agreed upon by the customer, or disputes between individuals (such as a neighbor stealing another neighbors’ lawnmower). Notice that in all of these cases, individuals or organizations such as businesses are involved, rather than society in general.

Other differences between civil and criminal cases include the way their trials take place. In a criminal case, the prosecutor, representing society, must prove the defendant’s guilt. The full burden of proof is on the government. In a civil case, a plaintiff (the person suing) takes the defendant (the person sued) to court. In civil cases, both parties must argue for their side.

What Are the Average Rates for Criminal Lawyers in Florida?

Criminal cases are complex; criminal lawyers may charge more than lawyers who handle civil cases. Depending on how the lawyer bills their clients, you should expect to pay a retainer of several thousand dollars and a $1,000-5,000 flat fee per case or, if they charge by the day or hour instead of a flat fee, around $1,000 per day or $100-$300 per hour.

If you’re convicted of a criminal case, you could possibly serve jail or prison time. An experienced criminal lawyer will prove they are worth their fee by fighting aggressively for your rights.

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