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Whether you face the prospect of a criminal investigation or you have been arrested, your rights, reputation, and future is at risk. Our Miami defense lawyers understand that individuals facing the power of the state or federal government face a daunting task. Fortunately, a criminal investigation, formal arrest, or even criminal charges do not mean you did anything wrong or that you will be convicted. The Constitution and other state and federal laws provide powerful rights that experienced criminal defense lawyers can assert to protect individuals accused of false allegations and to obtain the best outcome in criminal cases.

Understanding Your Legal Rights in a Miami-Dade County Criminal Case

When you are taken into custody or you become the target of a criminal investigation, neither the police nor prosecutors are interested in discovering the “objective truth.” Although you might be told that “cooperating” will help your cause, the best option is to invoke your legal rights not talk to the police or detectives without a Miami criminal defense attorney present to defend your legal rights. Given the advantage, the government has litigation resources, experienced prosecutors, and law enforcement investigators. The best way to protect your future is to seek legal advice and representation early in the criminal justice process

Driving Under the Influence in Miami-Dade County (DUI) [Florida Statute 316.193]

If the police arrest you for DUI when you are driving home from a night out in downtown Miami, then you will need the help of a competent DUI attorney in Miami. A full DUI conviction could result in serious penalties. Experienced Miami DUI lawyers will analyze the basis for your stop, field sobriety tests (FSTs), and chemical test results to identify your legal options and focus on potential defense strategies. Under Florida DUI laws, conviction of a first offense can carry penalties that include:

  • Driver’s license suspension for six months (a year if you refused a chemical test)
  • Incarceration for up to six months in county jail (nine months if your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level was .15 or higher or you were transporting a minor)
  • Up to 50 community service hours
  • Fine between $500 and $1,000 (increases to $1,000 to $2,000 with a BAC of .15 or above)

Additional penalties might include mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device, completion of DUI school, and/or impoundment (immobilization) of your vehicle. Time is of the essence in seeking legal advice because you can only dispute an administrative suspension of your driver’s license if you request a DMV hearing to fight the suspension within 10 days. Our law firm handles the full spectrum of drunk driving offenses, such as:

Sex Crime Defense Attorneys in Miami, FL

The impact of a conviction of rape or another Miami sex crime can affect many aspects of an individual’s life long after the fulfillment of any sentencing terms. The mere allegation of a sex offense can bring the burden of significant stigma and damage to your family, relationships, career, and housing opportunities. Sex offenses in Florida carry penalties that often include sex offender registration, prison time, involuntary commitment to a civil treatment facility, significant fines along with other costs, and probation. Some of the sex crimes we handle include:

Miami Domestic Violence Lawyers

Domestic violence is described by Florida Statutes, Section 741.28. While police and prosecutors tenaciously pursue domestic violence allegations, the political pressure to solve and pursue convictions in these cases can result in a rush to judgment. Despite the serious nature of these types of charges, these allegations often will be used as a sword rather than a shield to obtain an advantage in divorce or child custody proceedings. Your Miami defense attorneys can investigate ulterior motives of complaining witnesses and expose an agenda that has nothing to do with any form of battery or assault. Some of the domestic violence crimes we handle include:

Our Criminal Lawyers in Miami Can Handle a Variety of Case Types

These are some of the most common types of criminal offenses we see, but our Miami criminal defense law firm also handles many other types of crimes, including but not limited to the following:

We have fought and will continue to fight for those who are wrongly accused. Your allegations must be met with swift and decisive professional legal counsel. Our Miami criminal defense lawyers will dedicate the necessary time to see that you are given a fair chance in the legal system.

The Musca Law Philosophy

You have a constitutional right to an attorney to represent you in a court of law. You deserve to be represented by a steadfast legal counsel with over 150 combined years of experience providing the best possible chance of a favorable outcome. Your life has been interrupted by these allegations; we are here to see it put to an end. Our goal is to ensure that every step of the way, accusations are met with swift action. Our aggressive, calculated tactics ensure our Miami criminal defense lawyers tirelessly fight for your rights. We believe in our clients and value their time.


Arson is a criminal act that is widely thought by the general public to indicate the illegal damaging of someone else’s personal property through the use of explosives or fire. An accusation of arson is a major charge and must never be dismissed or ignored by anyone. If you live in Miami and you have been charged with arson, it is imperative that you promptly hire a Miami arson defense attorney so that together you can work on building your defense to such a major accusation. The state of Florida has several laws outlining the punishments for the many different types of arson. The most frequently committed acts of arson that are tried here in Miami are:

  • Arson – First Degree 
  • Arson – Second Degree 
  • Arson – By Fire Bomb 

If you are found to be guilty of first-degree arson, you could face as long as 30 years in state prison, even if the act did not result in any injury to another person. Charges of arson are not to be taken lightly and must be seriously addressed by the accused. In addition to a prison sentence, substantial fines and restitution will also be demanded of any defendant who is found guilty by the court.


In the event that you are ever accused of cyberstalking, the last thing you want to do is give your cell phone to law enforcement. It does not matter what they say to you, even if they swear that they will have the charges dropped if you just let them take a look… You have to fight the urge to hand your phone over so that the police may search through it. But why? Why shouldn’t you cooperate with the authorities and let them take a look at your phone?  This is because they will make every effort to use your phone to gather proof that they will be able to hold against you, which will very likely drag you out of the frying pan and into the fire as far as legal situations go. If you have been arrested for cyberstalking, the most important thing that you can do is to get in touch with a Musca Law criminal defense attorney in the Miami area as soon as you possibly can. An accomplished attorney from our criminal law offices here in Miami, Florida will know exactly how to assist you through the legal twists and turns that are going to be a big part of your accusation.

What is Cyberstalking?

Cyberstalking is considered as having taken place when someone employs a method of electronic communication, like text messaging, social media posts, or email to attack, threaten, or harass another person. It might include anonymously sending SMS messages, distributing personal data regarding the victim, writing sexually aggressive emails or even posting offensive and/or hateful comments about or to someone else online. Due to a huge increase in the use of technology, like smartphones, for example, cyberstalking is now a pressing concern for many people. In addition to the fact that there is a growing number of people who claim they are being preyed upon, but there is also a growing number of individuals who claim they are being falsely accused of cyberstalking.  If you have been hit with charges of cyberstalking, it is important that you receive advice and direction from a Miami, Florida cyberstalking defense attorney.

Cyberstalking Defined by Florida Law

Under Florida state laws, cyberstalking is legally described as transmitting electronic messages that include indecent pictures and writing with no provocation and that result in severe emotional suffering for the recipient. Should the conversation include intimidation or the threat of physical injury or killing someone, the crime will then be classified as aggravated cyberstalking.

What are the Legal Consequences of Cyberstalking?

In Florida, cyberstalking is classified as a first-degree misdemeanor. If you are found guilty of a charge of cyberstalking, you could serve as long as one year in county jail and pay a fine of as much as $1,000. If you are found guilty of aggravated cyberstalking, it will be classified as a third-degree felony and you could serve as long as five years in state prison and pay a fine of as much as $5,000. If you have been charged with a crime in the Miami area, an experienced Florida criminal defense attorney working tirelessly on your behalf can help ensure your freedom. The criminal defense attorneys at Musca Law in Miami are able to fully prepare you for the difficulties that you have ahead of you and help you to realize the possible outcomes of your specific situation. During this free consultation, we will start to build you a defensive strategy. We will craft one that is focused on either getting your charges dropped or if it looks like that won’t be doable, working as hard as possible to get your charges reduced to more minor criminal charges. Your criminal defense attorney will also be responsible for explaining to you any mitigating and/or aggravating factors that we become aware of while we are diligently working on your case. If it starts to look as though a guilty verdict is unavoidable, then we will work with prosecutors to obtain a plea agreement that will reduce the potential penalties that you are facing. 

Consistently Available Miami Defense Attorneys at Musca Law

Criminal accusations are never convenient, and neither is the timing. At Musca Law, we are available 24/7 to answer your calls, and immediately begin representing you before the allegations continue to cause damage. Contact us at any time for a professional evaluation of your case before the situation escalates further. We are a highly rated and trusted defense firm. Call our seasoned team today at (305) 203-0333. There are many different reasons that someone might be accused of committing a criminal act. False accusations, mistaken identity, poor judgment, lack of restraint, or even feeling like you had absolutely no way out except to engage in these acts are all circumstances frequently seen by Florida criminal defense attorneys. No matter what the circumstances, if you are accused of a criminal offense in the state of Florida, the smart thing to do would be to learn as much as you can about the charges facing you. If you or someone you love is facing criminal charges in the Miami area of Florida, then it is imperative that you consult with a qualified Florida criminal defense attorney with years of experience winning cases that range from disorderly conduct to federal crimes.

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