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  • Implied Consent: What You Need to Know

    In the state of Florida, there is a law called "Implied Consent." Basically, implied consent means that if a licensed driver is operating a motor vehicle in Florida, the driver has given consent to submit to DUI tests.… Continue Reading
  • Ignition Interlock Devices

    If you were convicted of a DUI in the state of Florida, you may lose your license. Upon getting your license back, an ignition interlock device may be installed in your vehicle. An ignition interlock device is a small… Continue Reading
  • Handling Your DUI Situation

    After being pulled over and charged with driving under the influence, your head is swimming with anxiety. You're probably wondering how the DUI could affect your job, relationships and privileges. Below are the steps to… Continue Reading
  • Handling Your Criminal Case

    Getting arrested for a crime is scary. Here's how to make the most of your situation with the help of your criminal defense attorney. Tips for Your Case Once you have found your Miami criminal defense attorney, you… Continue Reading
  • Getting a Florida DUI Under 21

    If you were charged with a DUI under the age of 21, you should know about the laws that affect you. Florida's Zero Tolerance law applies to those under the state drinking age that drink and drive. If it is your first… Continue Reading
  • Florida DUI Laws - An Explanation

    If you drink and drive in Florida, you can expect to be pulled over and tested for sobriety. The purpose of DUI and DWI laws is not only to protect drivers who are more likely to crash under the influence of drugs or… Continue Reading
  • Finding A Miami Criminal Defense Attorney

    Locating a criminal defense attorney is a meticulous process that can't be rushed. After some research into lawyers in the Miami area, you should make a list of questions you want to ask. Most lawyers will offer a free… Continue Reading
  • DUI Expenses

    Getting charged with a DUI comes with expenses. To begin with, you'll have to pay bail if you were arrested, and you'll have to pay to have your car towed. After the initial costs, you will also pay fees to your… Continue Reading
  • Community Service: Are You Eligible?

    When you are convicted with a DUI, your thoughts race with what will happen next. You wonder what penalties you will face and if there's a way to avoid jail time. At this time, you should start looking for a DUI attorney… Continue Reading
  • DUI Our Knowledge Is Your Power: Part 2 of 2

    A good attorney has the right tools to deal with a DUI in Florida. Musca Law office is your source to take you through the difficulties surrounding a DUI. The following are other areas of importance to address… Continue Reading
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