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Criminal Defense Lawyers in Bushnell, Florida (FL)

How to Beat a Criminal Charge in Bushnell, Sumter County, Florida

Are you being charged with a crime, are facing an indictment, or need to be released from jail in Bushnell, Florida?  If so, you may be feeling an undue amount of stress and confusion.  Without a doubt, a criminal conviction can have serious consequences and affect a person’s liberty, family stability, occupation, and financial well-being.  This is why it is critical to hire a skilled criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.  Only an attorney in Bushnell has the time and resources necessary to advise you of your legal options, answer all of your important questions, and develop the strongest defense case possible.

At Musca Law, Our Bushnell Criminal Defense Attorneys are Experienced at Defending Those Accused of All Types of Crimes in Florida 

Musca Law is a full-service criminal law firm that represents those facing criminal charges and/or the prospects of an injunction.  Specifically, we handle cases ranging from low-level misdemeanors to serious felonies brought forth in both state and federal courts.  Specifically, our seasoned Bushnell Criminal Defense Lawyers handle the following matters:

•    Sex offenses;
•    Burglary;
•    Theft offenses;
•    Violent crimes;
•    Injunctions
•    Juvenile offenses;
•    Cyber crimes;
•    Disorderly conduct;
•    Probation violations;
•    Public corruption;
•    Federal crimes;
•    Driving under the influence (DUI);
•    Boating under the influence (BUI);
•    Domestic violence crimes;
•    Concealed weapons;
•    Drug offenses; and
•    Possession of stolen property.

If you have been charged with a crime in Bushnell, contact a skilled Bushnell Criminal Defense Lawyer as soon as possible.  An attorney is in the best position to develop a defense strategy that will positively affect the outcome of your case.

Bushnell Criminal Offenses, Charges, and Punishments 

Drug Crimes, Offenses and Charges in Bushnell, Florida

Facing drug charges in Florida can be an intimidating experience given the severe penalties you are likely up against.  Since Florida has earned the reputation for the use and availability of both prescription and illicit drugs, it has also earned another reputation for taking a punitive and staunch approach to drug-related crimes.  In other words, the state of Florida has some of the toughest drug laws in the United States.  With many drug offenses in Florida based upon the amount of drugs, a case of simple possession can turn into a serious drug charge such as drug trafficking, leading to even harsher penalties.  

With law enforcement, prosecutors, and judges on a crusade to end drug crimes in Florida, it is critical to have a skilled attorney by your side to vigorously defend you.  At Musca Law, our Bushnell Drug Crime Defense Lawyers represent clients facing both state and federal drug crime charges, which include:

•    Conspiracy drug offenses;
•    Drug manufacturing;
•    Grow houses;
•    Prescription drug offenses;
•    Falsely obtaining illegal drugs;
•    Possession of illegal drugs; 
•    Possession of drugs with the intention to sell, distribute or manufacture controlled substances;
•    Drug trafficking/sales;
•    Medical marijuana; and
•    Possession of drug paraphernalia.

As noted previously, the consequences of a drug crime conviction are severe, however, they are contingent upon the type of illicit drug involved, the amount of illicit drugs, and where the alleged drug offenses occurred.  For example, if a person is caught possessing drugs near a school or childcare facility, a judge may impose enhanced penalties. Moreover, penalties may be more severe if a person has been convicted of prior drug offenses.  

At Musca Law, we understand that people who face drug charges grapple with substance abuse issues.  This is why we fight tirelessly for an alleged offender to be subject to alternatives to harsh sentencing, such as:

•    Placement in dual-diagnosis program;
•    Drug court; 
•    Probation;
•    Substance abuse counseling; and
•    Substance abuse treatment/detoxification.

Domestic Violence-Related Offenses in Bushnell, Florida

Prosecutors in Sumter County aggressively seek convictions in domestic violence cases, regardless of whether the claims are misrepresented, exaggerated, or completely false.  Specifically, a domestic violence conviction can result in a multitude of different restrictions on a person’s freedom and force him or her to face serious hardships.  In general, Bushnell law enforcement cannot refuse to arrest a person suspected of committing an act or acts of domestic violence. 

It is imperative to understand that domestic violence is not limited to spousal abuse.  In particular, under Florida Statutes Section 741.28, it provides that a person who claims to be a victim of domestic violence must be in a domestic relationship with the accused.  A domestic relationship involves siblings, relatives, co-parents, ex-spouses, co-habitants, spouses, children, or anyone else connected by family.

Some common examples of domestic violence matters that Musca Law handles include:

•    Withholding access to medical care or medication;
•    Aggravated stalking;
•    Domestic violence injunctions;
•    Stalking;
•    Assault and battery;
•    Kidnapping;
•    False imprisonment;
•    Strangulation;
•    Sexual assault;
•    Sexual battery;
•    Battery; 
•    Interference with a 911 call; and
•    Witness tampering.

If an individual is convicted of committing acts of domestic violence in Florida, he or she may face severe repercussions such as imprisonment, loss of personal relationships, probation, a tarnished professional reputations, hefty fines, and social stigma.  Moreover, domestic violence charges are often pursued along with a domestic violence injunction that if granted, can restrict a person to the point of affecting their livelihood and freedom.  Keep in mind that a person does not need to file criminal charges for a judge to issue an injunction.

BUI & DUI Charges and Offenses in Bushnell, Florida

Are you being charged with a DUI or BUI-related offense due to the alleged consumption of alcohol and/or drugs?  In Sumter County, prosecutors aggressively pursue these cases, and strive to seek the harshest sentencing to the fullest extent of the law.  Penalties include a permanent criminal record, imprisonment, vessel/vehicle impoundment, the mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device in one’s vehicle for a certain period of time (as applicable in DUI cases), and more.

At Musca Law, we provide representation to clients charged with a variety of different DUI and BUI offenses, including:

•    DUI;
•    Aggravated DUI/BUI;
•    BUI;
•    Domestic violence;
•    Chemical test refusals;
•    DUI/BUI manslaughter;
•    Property damage DUI/BUI;
•    License revocation hearings;
•    Felony DUI/BUI;
•    Commercial drivers DUI;
•    Serious bodily injury DUI/BUI;
•    Multiple DUIs/BUIs; and 
•    Hit-and-run DUI/BUI/Failure to Render Aid DUI/BUI.

Juvenile Justice Matters in Bushnell, Florida

As part of the growing process, children under the age of eighteen sometimes make mistakes.  Sometimes these mistakes lead to a violation of local and state laws, and may result in harm or death to others, irrespective of whether it was intended or not.  In Florida, juveniles who commit criminal offenses are referred to as juvenile offenders, youth offenders, and juvenile delinquents.

If your child has been charged with or is under investigation for committing a crime in Bushnell, Florida, it is essential to understand that juvenile matters are challenging and are contingent upon where the alleged offense occurred.  Also, when a juvenile is convicted of a criminal offense, they face potentially serious consequences, especially if he or she is tried as an adult.

Some examples of the criminal penalties resulting from a juvenile conviction include:

•    Incarceration in juvenile jail;
•    Counseling;
•    Probation;
•    Mandatory community service;
•    Random drug and alcohol testing; and
•    Placement in a group home/halfway house.

Any criminal offense qualifies as a juvenile crime.  However, the most common offenses include theft, underage drinking, and probation violations.   In Florida, criminal penalties that adults face focus upon deterrence and punishment where the courts presume that adults know better than to engage in criminal activities.  However, the repercussions that a juvenile may face are meant to rehabilitate rather than to punish them.  This is due to the fact that youth are still learning the difference between right and wrong and are afforded the opportunity to mature, grow, and learn from their mistakes.  

Sex Crimes & Charges in Bushnell, Florida

Sex crimes are perpetrated when a person commits acts of sexual abuse against another person or engages in sexual encounters using physical or psychological means.  It is critical to understand that Sumter County prosecutors pursue the most aggressive penalties possible in sex offenses cases.  Accordingly, these consequences include involuntary commitment to a civil treatment center, mandatory sex offender registration, decades behind bars, exorbitant fees, sexual violence injunctions, and more.

While the criminal justice system presumes all alleged offenders as innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, a person accused of committing a sex crime may feel that he or she has the burden of proving his or her innocence.  Undoubtedly, if a person is claimed to have committed a sex crime, even if he or she is innocent, they will likely face irreparable scorn and ridicule, as sex offenses are some of the most stigmatized of all other crimes.  Regardless of the public perception, a person charged with a sex crime is entitled to a lawyer to fight for justice and defend his or her liberty.  Specifically, the individual facing sex crime charges is afforded the same constitutional rights as any other person who is charged with a criminal offense in Florida.  

At Musca Law, our skilled Bushnell Sex Crime Defense Attorneys represent those facing the following:

•    “Pimping” and pandering;
•    Sexting;
•    Federal sex crimes;
•    Incest;
•    Statutory rape;
•    Sexual battery;
•    Sexual violence injunctions;
•    Bestiality;
•    Human sex trafficking;
•    Aggravated sexual battery;
•    Forcing another individual to become a prostitute;
•    Aggravated sexual assault;
•    Indecency with a child;
•    Retail display of pornography to a minor;
•    Solicitation;
•    Lewd, wanton, or lascivious acts;
•    Sexual assault;
•    Indecent exposure;
•    Sexual predator act;
•    Child pornography;
•    Sale or distribution of pornography to a minor;
•    Stalking;
•    Child sex crimes;
•    Sex offender registration offenses;
•    Voyeurism;
•    Prostitution; and
•    Child molestation.

Theft Crimes, Offenses, and Charges in Bushnell, Florida

Theft crimes in Bushnell are broad and involve more arrests than any other crime committed within the State.  These offenses range from low-level misdemeanors to serious felonies, depending upon the facts and circumstances of the case.  Pursuant to Florida Statutes Section 814.014, “theft” is defined as an act where an individual intentionally obtains or uses the property of another, whether temporary or permanently, to prevent another person from having access to their property or to wrongfully use their belongings for their own advantage.

It is important to understand that pursuant to Florida law, convictions can result in long-term imprisonment, a permanent criminal record, probation, harsh monetary fines, and more.  Any theft offenses, from shoplifting to embezzlement, will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, as they are categorized as “crimes of dishonesty.”

At Musca Law, our Bushnell Theft Crime Defense Attorneys handle all types of theft crime cases, including:

•    Fraud;
•    Check forgery;
•    Possession of stolen property;
•    Embezzlement;
•    Petit theft;
•    Robbery;
•    Theft of a motor vehicle;
•    Grand theft;
•    Shoplifting;
•    Credit card fraud;
•    Stealing property from victims who are age 65 or older;
•    Buying, receiving, or selling stolen goods;
•    Larceny; and 
•    Writing worthless checks.

Violent Crimes in Bushnell, Florida

Under Florida law, a “violent crime” pertains to aggressive and intentional act committed upon another person or property with the manifest purpose of inflicting, attempting to inflict, or threatening to inflict violence upon another individual.  When a person is charged with committing a violent criminal offense, his or her livelihood, freedom, and good name are at stake.  It is critical to understand that Sumter County prosecutors often pursue the harshest penalties possible in violent crime cases, which can include life imprisonment or the death penalty.  In addition, Florida has a law known as the 10-20-Life Law which requires the court to issue a minimum sentence of 10 years, 20 years, or 25 years to life imprisonment for certain felony-level offenses.

The Bushnell Violent Crime Defense Lawyers at Musca Law represent individuals charged with the following crimes:

•    Aggravated assault;
•    Aggravated battery;
•    Homicide;
•    Assault and battery;
•    Rape;
•    Piracy;
•    Armed burglary;
•    Criminal mischief;
•    Home invasion robbery;
•    Conspiracy to commit violent crimes;
•    Attempted homicide;
•    Weapons charges and enhancements;
•    Child abuse;
•    Abuse of an elderly or disabled person;
•    Robbery;
•    Arson;
•    Kidnapping, and
•    False imprisonment.

Injunctions, Protective Injunctions, Restraining Orders, Orders of Protection in Bushnell, Florida 

When a person, known as the petitioner, asserts that he or she is the victim of acts of violence, he or she may seek a civil remedy known as an injunction, order of protection, restraining order, or permanent injunction.  An injunction helps to safeguard an individual from sexual violence, domestic violence, repeat violence, stalking, and dating violence.

If a judge approves an injunction, it is associated with many serious restrictions that are imposed upon an offender, known as the respondent.  At Musca Law, our experienced Bushnell Domestic Violence Injunction Defense Attorneys represent many clients facing allegations that are completely false, misrepresented, or exaggerated.  Even so, injunctions are quick and easily filed, and may give a petitioner the upper hand in a separate civil proceeding such as a divorce case.  If the presiding judge approves the injunction, the respondent must comply with all of its terms or else he or she will be faced with harsh criminal penalties.

Under Florida Statutes Section 784.0485, a judge can issue the following types of injunctions:

•    Dating violence injunctions;
•    Domestic violence injunctions;
•    Sexual violence injunctions;
•    Repeat violence injunctions; and
•    Stalking injunctions.

White-Collar Crimes in Bushnell, Florida 

A “white-collar crime” constitutes a whole host of different offenses that typically happen in a commercial setting for the sole purpose of financial gain.  White-collar crimes are often challenging to prosecute given the fact that offenders often use highly sophisticated and secure methods to carry out these serious crimes.  As such, Sumter County prosecutors fight tooth and nail to seek convictions in white-collar crimes given the damaging economic, emotional, and psychological impacts upon their victims.  

In this view, the penalties associated with a white-collar crime conviction are extremely harsh and may include imprisonment, probation, and exorbitant monetary fines.  Moreover, the collateral consequences impact a multitude of different areas of an offender’s life and livelihood, and may include the loss of professional relationships, a tarnished professional reputation, difficulty finding a job, and more.

At Musca Law, we represent clients facing white-collar crime charges that include, without limitation, the following:

•    Exploitation of certain groups of people;
•    Bank or wire fraud;
•    Identity theft;
•    Conspiracy to commit fraud;
•    Healthcare fraud;
•    Tax evasion;
•    Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO);
•    Credit card fraud;
•    Accounting fraud;
•    Insurance fraud;
•    Counterfeit securities;
•    Mortgage fraud;
•    Grand theft;
•    Mail fraud;
•    Medicaid/Medicare fraud;
•    Pyramid schemes;
•    Real estate fraud; and
•    Money laundering.

Computer and Internet Cyber Crimes in Bushnell, Florida

Nowadays, advanced technology such as tablets, smartphones and computers undoubtedly play important roles in our lives.  The more that these forms of technology are used, the more they are becoming abused by criminal offenders at an alarming rate in perpetrating what are known as cyber crimes.  Given the ever-increasing amount of cyber crimes, laws are being passed that impose harsh criminal penalties on those who commit these serious offenses.  

At Musca Law, our skilled Bushnell Cyber Crime Defense Attorneys vigorously represent those charged with cyber crimes.  Some examples of cyber crime cases that our lawyers handle include the following:

•    Embezzlement;
•    Cyberstalking;
•    Sale of counterfeit goods;
•    Virus distribution;
•    Trafficking passwords;
•    Hacking; 
•    Credit card fraud;
•    Engaging in illegal activities;
•    Malware and phishing;
•    Using technology to commit child pornography crimes;
•    Bootlegging and pirating; and
•    Fraud, including email fraud.

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