Man Arrested for 2nd DUI, Faces 18 Month Driver’s License Suspension

License Fully Reinstated!

Police responded to a report of a reckless driver made against our client. They observed the client swerving and pulled him over. Upon request, the client failed a field sobriety exercise and refused to try any others. He also mentioned to the police that he had taken pain medication. Finally, the client refused to provide a breath sample when requested, causing the police to arrest him for DUI.

RESULT: The DMV immediately suspended the client’s license for 18 months, but our attorney responded quickly by challenging the suspension. Because police explicitly stated that they did not suspect the client of drinking, the attorney rightly pointed out that a request for a breath sample should not have been made. Despite this argument, the hearing officer refused to invalidate the suspension. Convinced the hearing officer made the wrong ruling, the attorney appealed the decision. She was able to persuade a higher court to overrule the DMV’s decision, resulting in, A FULL REINSTATEMENT OF DRIVING PRIVILEGES!

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