Client Blows .082 And .083, and Fails Field Sobriety Tests

Suspension Lifted! Drives License Reinstated!
Our client was observed driving an Oldsmobile with a piece of tape that covered the last letter on his license plate. An officer conducted a traffic stop, where the piece of tape was removed giving the officer the ability to run the plates. When the plates were ran, the plate numbers came back for a Toyota Sedan. When the officer approached the vehicle he reported a strong odor of alcohol emitting from the vehicle and the facial area of the driver. When asked if our client had consumed alcohol, he responded that “he had a few beers earlier”. The officer asked the driver if he would step out of the vehicle and would he perform in field sobriety exercises. Our client agreed and performed unsatisfactorily. Based on the officer’s contact with our client and his performance on the exercises, he was arrested and charged with DUI.
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