Client Crashes and Flips other Car, Fails Field Sobriety Exercises

No DUI Conviction!

A Collier County Sheriff’s Officer was dispatched to the scene of an accident involving an overturned vehicle. Our client had been driving 30 mph when she lost control of her vehicle coming from around a corner. When approached by an officer she was confused as to what had happened and was worried about the well being of her dog. She had refused to be treated or transported by EMS. It was reported by the officer that our clients pupils were dilated and that she had an odor of alcohol emitting from her facial area. The officer asked if she had been drinking and she volunteered that she had three glasses of wine, and had taken the bipolar medication Clonopin. Our client performed the field sobriety exercises and performed poorly. Our client was then handcuffed (double locked) and charged with DUI – Property Damage.

RESULT: We convinced the State to drop the DUI charge. No DUI Conviction!

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