Construction Worker Arrested And Charged Of DUI


Our client was swerving while he was driving and an officer initiated a traffic stop. The officer believed that our client had blood shot eyes and arrested him for Driving Under the Influence.

Despite negative breath results and drug screens, our client was still prosecuted for DUI based upon his driving pattern and physical appearance.

RESULT: Prior to the Prosecutor even filing charges, our office was able to convince them to reduce the charges to Reckless Driving. In an effort to achieve an even better result, our attorney pushed further, and conducted depositions, wherein he was successful in having the officer admit he was not a drug recognition officer, he was not specifically trained for DUI’s, and that our client did not, in fact, interfere with the traffic pattern. Based upon this skilled approach, the attorney was able to convince the Prosecutor to lower the charges even further to a mere civil infraction, resulting in, NO DUI CONVICTION and NO CRIMINAL CONVICTION WHATSOEVER!

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