Defendant Arrested on Third Theft Charge While on Probation; Accused of Stealing $1,150 from Wal-mart

No Conviction & No Prison Time!

Loss prevention officers recognized the defendant in his store as a former shoplifter. The suspect and two other individuals pushed two carts full of merchandise to the back of the store where they filled up empty Wal-mart with the goods. The suspects then attempted to leave the store and pass all points of sale without attempting to pay for the items. Loss prevention apprehended the defendant for attempting to heist $1149.35 worth of merchandise from the store and is later arrested on charges of grand theft.

RESULT: The client has been convicted of stealing from Wal-mart twice before this arrest and was currently serving a probation sentence for the second conviction. The defense successfully negotiated the case on the client’s behalf resulting in NO CONVICTION and NO PRISON TIME!

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