Defendant Arrested on Fourth Dui; License Suspended by Dmv

Suspension Lifted!

Police initiated a traffic stop after a Driver ran a solid  red light without attempting to slow down. The Driver smelled of alcohol, had poor balance, slurred her speech and continued to repeat bizarre statements about not causing a crash. The Driver failed Field Sobriety Testing and was arrested for her fourth  DUI. The Defendant became enraged inside the patrol car and began kicking the divider window and threatened to jump off a bridge. The Defendant arrived at the Jail proudly screaming how she urinated in the backseat of the Officer’s car. The Defendant refused blood alcohol testing and the Department of Motor Vehicles suspended her license.

RESULT: The Defense requested a Formal Administrative Review Hearing of the Client’s suspended license case. The Defense subpoenaed the Officers at the scene to testify the facts of the case. The Defense proved that the Officers did not properly inform the Client that her license would be suspended if she refused blood alcohol testing. The Hearing Officer agreed with the Defense and LIFTED the suspension of the Client’s license.

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