Defendant Disregards Dui Accident Probation & Rearrested

Violation Charge Revoked and Probation Terminated!

The Defendant served a 12-month probation sentence for a DUI with Property Damage conviction. The Defendant violated the terms of his probation during that 12-month period. For 2 consecutive months, the Defendant failed to report to his probation officer and was behind on his monthly probation fee payments. The Defendant’s Probation Officer requested bond revocation and a warrant for the Defendant’s arrest on a charge of Violation of DUI Probation.

RESULT: The Defense filed a Motion to Set Bond in an effort to release the Client from jail. The Defense Attorney successfully proved to the Court that the Defendant was not a flight risk and the Client bonded out. At the hearing, the Defense argued to the Court the Client’s efforts to complete the terms of his Probation sentence. The Defense Attorney entered into heated negotiations with the Prosecution, Probation Officer, and the Judge. The Judge REVOKED the violation charge and TERMINATEDthe Client’s remaining DUI Probation.

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